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You don't download memory cards, you buy them. If you mean the files for games however, check sites like GameShark etc..

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Q: Where can you download PS2 memory cards?
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Can i use your nokia 5233 as memory card for ps2?

no you must buy the PS2 memory cards

Do PS2's come with memory cards?


Can you use ps1 memory cards on the ps2?

Yes, only for PSone games though. PS2 games require a 8MB (PS2) memory card.

Can you put a PS1 memory card on ps2?

No, you need to upgrade your Memory Cards.

What are the disadvantages of the PS1?

Can't play ps2 games or use ps2 memory cards.

Can you use a PS2 memory card on a PS1?

No, PS2 memory cards are keyed differently, and will not physically fit inside the PS machine.

What kind fo memory cards does the PS3 Memory Card Adapter by Sony use?

It can adapt memory cards from the PS2, PS3 and from the original playstation.

Will a ps3 memory card work with ps2 games?

PS3 has a harddrive not memory cards

How much you should pay to ps2 memory card in uae?

Amazon wants $15 for a 2 pack of Sony PS2 8 MB cards and $10 for a single black card. Others brands of memory cards for the PS2 are much cheaper with more memory like 2 32 MB cards for $10

Will a PS2 memory card of japan will work on PS2 of china?

it depends if its a memory card by sony it will work on any ps2 console but if its not by sony it wont work if your memory card is by sony it will say it on the front to sony memory cards is just data

Does Gamestop buy PS2 controllers and memory cards?

When inventory is low on these items.

Does a ps2 memory card fit in a wii?

For a more detailed answer, the reason you cant is because tye ps2 memory cards dont even fit inside, they are too big. However, i think a ps1 memory card may work, as they work on gamecubes, and the wii uses gamecube memory cards

Will a PlayStation memory card work on a PS2 console?

In addition the console can play audio CDs and DVD movies, and is backwardly The PS2 also supports PlayStation memory cards and controllers, although PS1 memory cards only work with PS1 games and the controllers may not support

How do you copy PS1 and PS2 game data from original PS1 and PS2 memory cards to a PS3?

create a file in the ps3 harddrive

How much will play and trade give you for a ps2 memory card?

Used memory cards are like less than $1

Where can one buy PS2 memory cards?

Places such as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and eBay all carry PS2 memory cards. They will vary in price from about $15.00-$20.00 new depending on the place you go and how big of a memory card it is. Currently Game Stop has a brand new 8GB memory card for $19.99.

How do you download Grand Theft Auto mods to a memory card dongle?

i want to download games in memory cards like gta

Is the PS2 reverse compatible with PS1 games?

Yes. However the PS2 memory cards, cannot be used to store PS1 save games. You need an original PS1 memory card to do that.

What are some examples of PS2 accessories?

Some examples of PS2 accessories are extra memory/memory cards, camera, additional controllers (wired or wireless), cables and headset(bluetooth optional) .

How do you do the duplication trick in Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories?

You will need three memory cards for this trick. One can be a ps2 memory card but it doesn't really matter, but with this i had to use a ps2 memory card cuz i dont have three psx cards. Copy your original save game to the ps2 card. then trade the cards you want to duplicate to another psx card with a different save data. Then, go back to the ps2 browser and copy the data from the ps2 card back to your original psx card. notice you still have the cards that you traded to the second psx card. now, trade the cards you traded to the second card back to the original game, and there you go, cards you didnt have to win/buy.

Where can you buy a ps2 memory card?

Wal-Mart or Best Buy. They are likely to have the bigger Memory Cards like the 16 MB.

What does a PS2 memory card do?

it saves the memory on the ps2

How do you download a mod for ps2?

how do you download a mod for ps2

Can downloaded games run on ps2?

How would you play a download. The games would not be a download and would be a burnt game that didn't work if you made a disc from your download. They would also be a memory card that did not work if you put it on a memory card

What do you do if your ps2 doesn't read the memory cards?

well i blew into the back of the PlayStation 2 (unplugged) and then put the memory card in and out. it worked but took a while to get the memory card in the right spot.