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Q: Where can you download a GTA San Andreas tool that can get files from the DVD disc instead of installing it?
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How do you make cj smoke on Grand Theft Auto san Andreas?

if you want to make cj smoke you have to download a mod and it's really cool,download the mod from gta and installing the mod is very easy just copy paste some files from the mod folder into the game folder

Where can you Download Free GTA San Andreas Full version?

you need to download utorrent, then download the game torrent for san andreas. Make sure it has a lot of leechers, this will make the dowload faster. Once the game downloads, you need to unzip the files in the gta san andreas folder and launch 'set up'.

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How do you skip missions on Grand Theft Auto sa?

You can't. You can always download mission pack and save it to GTA San Andreas User Files.

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