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Re installing the Windows OS without formatting the disk will keep your files safe. Only the system files will be rewirtten no change will be to the data files. But files stored in My Documents and Desktop will be lost if you are going for a clean installation. Download Recover My Files software to recover your old files after a system crash.

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How to reinstall windows XP without losing any files and data?

To reinstall Windows XP without losing any files and data, a back up disk should be created first. Windows XP is obsolete so it might not be possible to reinstall it without a program disk.

Is it more important to back up Windows system files or data files?

I would think data files, simply because you can always reinstall Windows system files

Is it ok to reinstall windows without backing up your files?

If you don't mind losing all of your files then yes, it is ok.

What is the name of a folder that is created when files from an old installation are moved during a reinstall of vista?


If you make your Documents folder private and reinstall new windows with new name can you give you permissions to access it?

If you have encrypted this folder than the answer is no. To make it possible to open encrypted files after Windows reinstall you have to uncheck "Encrypt files" checkbox in the file properties dialog.

When I reinstall Windows 8.1 will my hidden files stay hidden or not hidden?

"Hidden" is a file attribute; this is information about the file that shouldn't change when you reinstall the operating system.

Is there any way to reinstall windows vista without an installation DVD?

Yes, if you have copied all installion files on your hard disk. If you haven't you cannot reinstall Vista.

If you reinstall windows does it erase your hard drive?

Reinstalling Windows will not erase the hard drive unless you tell it to reformat the hard drive before reinstalling the operating system. You will have to reinstall all your programs that were installed prior to reinstall but all your saved files will still be there.

How do I go about recovering my hard drive?

You will have to go to a professional. He or she may be able to get the files from the hard drive of you crashed computer.

Why is system mechanic not starting?

system mechanic probally is not starting because its files have crashed( which means you need to reinstall it) or there are other programs running that prevent it from starting.

What are Windows XP Professional boot files?


How do you reinstall system restore without windows disk?

If your restore requires a windows disk then you cannot restore without one. Most do not require a windows CD. Most include the windows files in the manufacturer restore.

What operating system can windows easy transfer migrate user settings and files from?

Windows 2000 Professional, XP and Vista

Which feature of Windows XP Professional allows you to prevent people who gain access to a computers files from reading the contents of the files?

Encrypting Files System (EFS)

Will you lose your files if you reinstall iTunes?

yes. it will save your files.

What three options are available on the welcome tab in Windows Backup?

I am unsure of the names but I can remember what each one does. The first one should merely reinstall windows but leave all your files where they currently are. The second one should move the current structure of your hard drive to a folder normally entitled something along the lines of "my old disk structure". It will then reinstall windows on your hard drive. The third option should completely wipe your hard drive and reinstall windows on it. If you have any files that aren't backed up then you will lose them. Dont use this option if you have any files on the computer when you use this option you will lose them!

What file systems enables you to access files on a local windows xp professional partition with Windows 95 or windows 98 operating systems?

FAT and FAT32

Can you upgrade from Windows 3.1 to Windows XP Professional?

No. Due to the main differences (Windows 3.1 is DOS and windows XP is its own operating system), you must make a backup of your files and install windows XP as fresh, then put the files back on the hard disk drive.

What is the correct location for the XP professional installation files on the installation CD?

The distribution server share will need to contain the installation files from the I386 folder on the Windows XP Professional CD-ROM.

What can you use to transfer a user's files and settings from an older windows computer to a windows xp computer?

A FAST wizard disk, Windows XP Professional installation CD

What feature of windows XP Professional allows you to prevent people who gain access to a computer's files from reading the contents of the files?

Local Security Policy

What do you need to do to make files available for use in Windows XP Professional when you disconnect from a network?

Configure your computer to cache versions of the files to your hard disk

Is used to remove your data files and personal desktop setting from computer to your new windows xp professional system?

Files and settings Transfer Wizard

Can you install Windows 7 Professional over an existing Windows 7 Professional?

If you have the install disc, yes. However it will delete all of your files and settings. It would be like turning on your computer for the first time.

What program does windows use as default to open mdb files?

Windows uses Microsoft Office Access to open MDB files. But, MSO Access does not come with windows pre-installed. Since MSO Access is part of the Microsoft Office Suite, you will have to buy Microsoft Office 2010 Professional or Professional-Plus(If you are on windows). If you are on a Mac, you can use MDB/ACCDB Viewer.

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