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in devry network program

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Q: Where can you download a computer program other than Mugen that lets you create your own fighting game?
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How do you make a Christmas card using the computer?

To do this you need a program called Publisher 2007 download it, open it and go to Cards. Create!

Is it possible to create a program not knowing a computer language?


What is a computer program that allows you to create pictures?


What computer program allows you to create a picture?

Photoshop can do this

What computer program allows you to create pictures?

Photoshop can do this

What computer program do you use to create a spreadsheet and create charts?

Microsoft excel

Can you download a ringtone to your computer?

yes of course. You can download and create thousands of ringtones with

Why do you have to create program?

Because I think is possible to predict the lottery using a computer program

You have an apple computer and when you try to download a program from the network it doesnt show the real thing?

Apple has made computers before 1984 when the Macintosh was introduced. When you state 'network,' there is not enough explanation there since a 'network' can mean a Local Area Network (LAN) to a Wide Area Network (WAN) to the biggest network, "The Internet." When download a program from any network, the newest OS X will see if you have permission on that particular computer that allows you to download and load a new program. If you do not have permission, you will not be able download and load a new program. If you do have permission, then when downloading anything from the Internet, a placeholder icon will be used until the download is finished. If you are on a LAN and trying to download or get another program from another computer, you may be dragging and dropping from a folder. This will cause the OS to create an 'Alias' file (a symbolic link to the program). In which case, when you try to launch it, the program will try to load from the originating computer on the LAN.

What is a power point on a computer?

a type of program that you can create presentations on.

How do you create a virtual machine on a computer?

Download virtual box by java

How do you create computer games?

You write a program. A computer game is an application program running on one (or rarely more than one) computer. You have to design the game before writing the program.

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