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I'm not sure where you can just download textbooks from but I know where you can get them for cheap. See the related external link. They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online textbook retailers and rental sites to find you the best prices. And at the end of the semester you can use them to search for resellers to sell your book to. All the search results are organized by price so you can buy your books for the lowest prices and sell them back for the highest.

Amazon has many books that you can download to your computer or to your Kindle. There are an increasing number of college textbooks available for Kindle but it depends on your particular course. See the Kindle link below.

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How do you get college textbooks on a Kindle?

If the textbook is available for your Kindle you can download it from Amazon at the link below.

What is the average cost that a college student spends on textbooks per year?

In 2007 a study was done that showed the results for college students in the United States. According to the results, the average college student spends anywhere from $700 to $1000 every year just on textbooks. You can download the textbook manual in crazyforstudy.com

Where can I find textbooks for college at a discounted price?

Compare college textbooks and book prices instantly to find the cheapest online ... for cheap textbooks and cheap books, as well as discounted books online

What website can I use to find used college textbooks?

There are several websites that offer used college textbooks. Included in these are www.bigwords.com/, www.bkstr.com/ and www.buyusedtextbooks.com/.

Can I sell my used college textbooks online?

Yes, you can sell my used college textbooks online. Amazon.com and abebooks.com both allow you to sell your books.

For what reason would one buy college textbooks?

A person would by college textbooks in order to study and keep up with their college classes. College professors teach primarily from the material in text books for their courses.

Can one make a profit selling textbooks online?

Yes, you can make a profit selling textbooks online if you know who is looking for the textbooks and where to list them. If you target college students and offer the textbooks for sale, you will get a response and an offer to buy the textbooks.

Can I get textbooks on my iPad?

Textbooks are available for your iPad. Sometimes schools will offer them for easy download to your iPad. Not every textbook is available for download so you will have to find out which ones you need and do a little research.

What are the best websites to buy books?

The Top 5 Sites To Find Your College Textbook http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-5-sites-for-college-textbooks/ The 10 Best Sites To Rent Or Buy College Textbooks Cheaply http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/sites-college-textbooks-cheap-rent-buy/

Where can I find cheap college textbooks?

There are several different websites where you can find cheap college textbooks and in condition also. Some of them include amazon, eBay and others as well.

Where To Find Cheap College Textbooks?

One of the biggest expenses that students face is buying college textbooks. It is possible to find cheap college textbooks through used bookstores and online vendors though. When buying a used textbook, the student needs to be careful that the book is not and edition that is too old or too damaged to be useful. There are a number of companies that specialize in cheap textbooks, and they usually advertise in college newspapers and on campus.

What is the cheapest source for college math textbooks online?

The best sites for online college math textbooks that you can buy for cheap are: www.textbooks.com, www.affordabook.com and www.squidoo.com. The other site I would recommend is a local site such as kijiji where students may be selling old textbooks.

Can college textbooks be sold back to the school?

College textbooks are very expensive. At the end of the semester you can sell your books back at the school store, but often it is much better to sell them online.

Where can I find eBook textbooks?

textbooks.com will allow you to trade in those bulky textbooks, and also to find eBook textbooks. ecampus.com is yet another site where you can find eBooks for your college courses.

How much are textbooks in college per semester?

That depends a lot on what you major in, what classes you take, and where you buy them from. A typical student spends around $300-$500 a semester on books buying from their college bookstore or Amazon. you can download textbook manual in crazyforstudy.com

What is the best method of renting college textbooks?

the best method of college textbook rental is by going to www.chegg.com where you can buy, rent, or sell textbooks. This is also a good website because it is very reputable.

What has the author Julie Miller written?

Julie Miller has written: 'Intermediate algebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Algebra 'Beginning and intermediate algebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Algebra 'Intermediate algebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Algebra 'Beginning and intermediate algebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Algebra 'Prealgebra and introductory algebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Arithmetic, Algebra 'Beginning algebra' -- subject(s): Algebra, Textbooks 'Basic college mathematics' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Mathematics 'College algebra essentials' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Algebra 'Prealgebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Mathematics 'Prealgebra' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Mathematics

Where can I read college textbooks online for free?

You should be careful when searching for textbooks because there most likely scams, but if you want textbooks with a discount, then go to Gen.lib.rus.ec and that will give you the textbook you need, it works.

Is there a website offering college text books as E-Books?

There are at least 15 publishers that offer their college textbooks through a subscription to the digital or e-textbooks that you may need at http://www.coursesmart.com/. Some publishers have their own websites and another option is to check with your college bookstore as some of them are offering e-textbooks as well.

What are some ways that students can get cheap textbooks for college?

Students may visit websites such as Chegg which offer recycled textbooks to get a cheap price on one. They may also pay a visit to the bookstore on the campus of the college which they attend because textbooks in good condition are often resold there.

Used Textbooks Make Good Economic Sense?

Textbooks are large part of the average college student’s expenses. Adding the cost of textbooks on top of college tuition, living expenses and other college necessities can break anyone’s budget. Many college student’s worry when they realize they may have to spend much more than anticipated on their college textbooks. Some students may even decide to go without a textbook. One of the best ways to save money in any college budget is to purchase used textbooks. Most college and university bookstores have special sections devoted to the sale of used textbooks. As soon as a student knows which books are required for their classes, they can go to the bookstore and make the purchase of the used textbooks. Because the costs of used textbooks are greatly reduced from the original price of the textbooks, college students will be able to save a great deal of money each college semester. Moreover, in today’s hi-tech world, used textbooks are also widely available over the internet. The student can simply do an internet search for each requested used textbook and then place the order. Another plus to the used textbook market is that students will also be able to earn money back by reselling their used textbooks when they are finished with them. The resale money can then be saved and used for the purchase of the next semester’s books. The used textbook market is widely expanding due not only to the economics involved, but also due to the ever widening availability of the range of textbooks available. There is a wide selection of books available on the used textbook market today. Hence, there is no need to worry that a needed textbook will not be available to the student in today’s used textbook market. Therefore, the purchase of used textbooks is not only good economics, but with the ease of purchase, wide range of textbooks available, and the resale availability of your unneeded textbooks, used textbooks is the only smart choice for textbooks for college students in today’s world.

Are textbooks given for free at ICT?

There are free online textbook collections available for download for ICT. There are open content textbooks that you are able to add your own edits to.

Which bookstores carry college textbooks?

A good place to start looking for college textbooks is Campus Books. They have a large range of books on every subject imaginable and a range of prices to suit every pocket.

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