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Have you tried they seem to have a good variation of backing tracks

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Q: Where can you download free englishgrime backing tracks from eg tinnie tempah - hood economics insrumental backing track?
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Where can you download copyright free backing tracks?

There is no free, legal source for backing tracks, but you can have backing tracks custom made from many producers at a reasonable fee.

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Where can you download backing tracks or karaoke for free?

There are some free backing tracks to download. Click on the link below for more information. There's different styles of music. Rock, pop, country, r&b, dance etc., also alot of tracks have lyrics to copy for practicing.

Where can you download free paramore backing tracks?

Some popular Backing Track websites are GuitarBT(.com) and Guitarbackingtrack(.com) but I'm not sure if Paramore songs are included.

Where can you download vocal backing tracks?

Backing tracks according to your wishes. Various styles, such as musical, country, pop and rock, etc. Any keys, instrumentation and tempo.

Where can you download karaoke files?

For karaoke tracks or backing tracks with lyrics you can try this website

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