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try here -

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Q: Where can you download or get a owners manual for a marlin model 25MN micro-groove barrel 22 cal rifle?
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What is the value of a Marlin model 36 in a 35 Remington serial number begins with 72 and it has a microgroove barrel?

Seems to be a descrepency here. There were no model 36 marlins made with Microgoove barrels. The model 336 was made with a Microgroove barrel, and if that's what you have then your's was made in 1972.

What year did marlin introduce microgroove rifling?

1953 Check the article at wikipedia for more.

Does the 1971 model Glenfield 25 have Microgroove rifling?

most likely it is. marlin (glenfield is marlin) began using micro-grove technology in 1953.

What is a Marlin Golden 39A cal 22 S or LR Microgroove worth serial number 23256241?

the year is 1977

What is the value of a Marlin model 322 222 microgroove rifle?

Between 250-400 dollars,depending on overall condition.

Instruction manual for a Marlin Model 60?

The Marlin Model 60 manual may be dowloaded from Marlin's website.

How old is a Marlin 336 A 30-30 caliber Microgroove Lever Action serial number R 39103?

53 years old.

Where can you find an owner's manual preferably online in pdf format for a Marlin-Glenfield Model 30A?

Visit the Marlin website. They may have the owner's manual available for download. If not, they will supply you a paper copy, typically free of charge.

Does Marlin make a 17HMR barral for the Marlin model 882?

No. Also, Marlin does not sell the barrel for the 882 as a component part. The Model 17 barrel can be installed, but again finding the barrel is a problem. The existing barrel can be relined to .17HMR.

How do you disassemble a Marlin 795?

Follow this link to the Marlin website page for the 795, and you can download the manual for the weapon, which explains disassembly.

How do you reload a marlin golden 39a mountie?

These rifles are loaded through the tubular magazine under the barrel, by twisting the magazine cap to unlock it, withdrawing it until the loading port is clear, and inserting catridges into the port. The link below is to the owner's manual for the 39A- click on that link, and you can download the manual.

Where can you find an assembly manual for a Glenfield model 60?

Look for a manual for a Marlin 60. may sell them. Updated Answer - You can also download a free manual on the Marlin web site for the model 60 - it is the same firearm.

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