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Where can you download wiring diagram for 1977 dodge coachmen motorhome?


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September 14, 2011 11:19AM

the wiring diagram for the engine is the same for all one ton chassis of same year van and or truck. depending on your engine eBay sells an aftermarket hei. but beware, it doesn't fit under the dog house very well. biggest problems with dodges is the distributor oiling system gets clogged up with debri and wears out the bushings in the distributor. if you have any shaft play they that could be your main problem. if its just a wiring issue. then just run a hot lead to the ceramic resister block. that's your hot wire starting point. then to coil then into distributor then onto the spark controller on fire wall. 3 hole plug with only two wires. but if you have voltage in and out of the ciramic block. then go to the negative side of coil with test light and crank the motor. the light should flash on and off. if not. more then likely its the block on firewall or the shaft problem. if the shaft gets worn enough to touch the static pick up. it will fry the piece inside.