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Try Old Western Scrounger at 1-304-262-9870. The ammunition itself was discontinued in 1942 and is more commonly called the 25 Steven. It was also known as the 25-10 because it was a 25 caliber 67 grain bullet loaded with 10 grains of blackpowder. It was soon obsoleted with the introduction of the 22 magnum which was cheaper and more powerful. If Scrounger can't help then I guess your only option would be to find a antique ammunition dealer maybe at a gun show. Hope this helps....Steve

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Contact Remington Customer Service through their website.

UMC refers to Union Metallic Cartridge company. They are owned by Remington and only make ammunition not firearms.

NO it will not...Remington .30 cal ammunition is rimless....30-30 and 30-06 are both rimmed ammunition and will not fit into a .30 cal Remington pump action rifle.

Remington stopped for a while in the 90's but they have been making it again for quite some time.

The caliber of ammunition the rifle uses is usually roll-stamped on the right side of the barrel, just in front of the receiver. For example: if it says "7mm Remington (Rem.) magnum (mag.) you would need to buy that type of ammunition as sold by Remington, Federal or any of the other companies offering this type of ammo in whichever bullet weight you prefer to shoot.

% rate:= 2510 x 100%= 252100%

No. They have matching dimensions, but differ in other areas, such as neck angles. .223 ammunition can be safely fired in a 5.56x45mm chamber; 5.56x45 ammunition is not recommended to be used in a .223 Remington chamber.

Firearms - Bushmaster, DPMS, Remington, Marlin, H&R, Dakota Ammunition - Remington Silencers - AAC

Not without endangering yourself and anyone else in the area. Stay with ammunition designed for the firearm you are shooting.

Only if it is marked ".223 Remington" on the barrel.

2510 kilometers = 1,559.6 miles.

Remington makes a run from time to time. check for listing. I buy the brass and load my own. Great cartridge.

I spoke to a technician at Remington and asked about shooting Remington Slugger ammunition through my Remington 1100 with a full choke and they said it will work fine, without problems.

2510 millimeters=2.51 meters

It is important to have ammunition if one is going to own a weapon. Many Magazine clips can be bought at the manufacturing stores, or found in stores online.

It can actually be harder to find standard velocity ammunition than higher pressure plus P ammunition. You can find the ammunition in a store that sells firearms.

changing out the starter 2510 mule 4x4

8% of 2510.00= 8% * 2510= 0.08 * 2510= 200.80

1, 2, 5, 10, 251, 502, 1255, 2510

Remington makes a variety of rifles and shotguns using various sizes of ammunition.

In the past year, more Americans have bought firearms than ever before. Many people are concerned that changes in the US government will mean major changes in gun laws, and people have rushed to buy guns- and ammunition. This has resulted in major shortages of ammunition, even though makers are working overtime to meet demands. Stores are gradually replenishing their stocks of ammunition, but when 40 million people start buying ammunition at a record pace, things become hard to find !

The Bold and the Beautiful - 1987 1-2510 was released on: USA: 28 March 1997

Yes. APS 2510 is stamped on the 100mcg tablets supplied by TEVA (UK) Ltd.I do not know what APS 2510 stands for though.

Yes, after some time of discontinue, Remington returned to building a 16 gauge 870. I will warn you that ammunition can be difficult to fine. Keep that in mind..

The 2510 Restaurant situated at 2510 Stewart Ave., Wausau, WI 54001. It is a full service restaurant, deli and bakery. They also provide wedding catering services.