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Really good place to start is

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Q: Where can you find a barrel for a Winchester 101?
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Where can you get a barrel for a Winchester 101 shotgun?

Start with this site

How much is a Winchester model 101 over-under double barrel made in 1963 worth. Serial?

The Winchester model 101 over-and-under double barrel made in 1963 is worth about $800 to about $1500 depending on its condition and features. The serial number of this gun would be helpful when determining value.

Where can I find a Winchester Model 101 parts breakdown?

try I found the 101 manual here.

Where do you find the serial number on a Winchester 1885?

Check the receiver and barrel

Winchester rifle how to find seriel number?

Check the receiver, barrel

What is a Winchester model 101 shotgun worth?

A Winchester 101 shotgun was used primarily for hunting. The best and most accurate way to find out the value of a firearm is to check with a gun dealer.

What are treads on 1890 Winchester barrel?

You will need to take it to a gunsmith or machinist to find out.

Where would you find the serial number and model number on a 270 winchester?

On the barrel.

What year was this winchester 101 12 gague shotgun made serial number 94368?

Your winchester model 101 was made in 1966 by winchester.

How old is Winchester model 101 serial number 204307?

Your Winchester model 101 20ga shotgun was made by Winchester in june,of 1966.

What is the value 1964 Winchester model 101?

What is the value of a Winchester model 101 bought new in 1964?

Where can you find a rifled slug barrel for a Winchester model 1200?

I have one that I would sell.