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I have uploaded a diagram to my geocities site at Just right click on the image and save it to your hard drive. Or you can print it from your web browser. I just recently changed the belt and tensioner on my daughter's 94 LeBaron convertible(V6 with AC). You will need to remove the AC belt first. Just loosen the pulley nut and then turn the jack screw till loose. There is not very much clearance where you will be working at. I had to remove the alternator from the mounting bolts and push it aside, to replace the tensioner. If you have (or can borrow) a breaker bar with a 15mm socket, it will make it easier to loosen the tensioner. Turn the tensioner clockwise to loosen the belt. If the tensioner has very many miles on it, I recommend replacing it. It is rather expensive ($74.00 at Advance Auto) but can save you future headaches. Greg These answers were right on the mark. I would like to add one comment that might save you some frustration. When removing the AC belt be very careful with that jack screw he mentioned. loosen it just enough to be able to remove the AC belt. I made the mistake of loosening that item too much. It is VERY DIFFICULT to get lined up and put back in. By my not paying attention it made a simple job more difficult than it should have been. Since I choose to remain anonymous I feel no shame in admitting to making a mistake ;)

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Q: Where can you find a belt diagram for a 94 Chrysler LeBaron?
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what confuses most is the way the belt loops around the tensioner, the belt goes around the steering pump and crankshaft pulley, under the idler pulley, under the belt tensioner pulley and finally with the tensioner compressed around the alternator. the idler and belt tensioner wheels both get the flat backside of the belt. use your imagination. if you have too much slack, which is the route that will use up the most belt?? the 94' and 95' Chrysler Lebaron are fairly the same in serpentine belt order, although you may find a variation or two. The diagram is as thus... Sorry about the link, but wikianswers does not support images

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