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you can find the answers online of in your social studies books. good research skills are using different ways for finding good websites. class structure is also known as social structure...

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Q: Where can you find a class structure for the Aztecs?
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What are the chinampas and how was it built (Aztecs)?

diagram of the Aztec social structure

Write a program to find the grade obtained by the students of a class using structure?

Write a program to find the grade obtained by the students of a class

Who told the aztecs where to find their mew home?

Huitzilopochtli told the Aztecs where to find their new home.

What is the meaning of nested structure in C plus plus?

A nested structure in any language is a structure within a structure. class A { class B {}; // nested structure };

What did Aztecs have for a class system?

lit jit kit yit

Who told the aztecs where to find their new home?

Huitzilopochtli told the Aztecs where to find their new home. Huitzilopochtli is a Mesoamerican deity.

From whom did Aztecs collect tribute?

the farmers and lower-class famliy's

Why did the Aztecs have to find a new place to live?

Aztecs cut a sacred and was forced to leave

Who worked in the Aztec fields?

The mazehuales, the loest class in the Mexican class system, they were not known as Aztecs only as Mexicans.

How did the aztecs find chocolate?

no ider

What did Hernando corteล› find?

The Aztecs

When did Cortes find the Aztecs?


What class structure did the Incas have?

Well, the Inca's had the least advanced class structure of their time. The Maya and Aztecs were more advanced. However, the Inca split their social structure up in to 3 classes. At the top was the emperor, who ruled the land. Next was the nobles who were highly ranked people that helped keep control of the vast empire with the emperor. Finally, there was the commoners, the every day Inca's. The warriors were also considered a class of their own, but did not fit in the social pyramid beause of their unique jobs.

What the difference between structure and class?

Depends on the computer language, but in general, a structure is a value-type, while an instance of a class is a reference-type. A structure or struct, may not offer inheritance, classdoes.

How does Christianity justify this class structure and what is the social value of these relationships?

First tell us what 'this' class structure and "these" relationships are.

How did clothing reflect a person's social class in Aztecs?

clothing told how wealthy you were

Wt is the different between structure and class?

A structure is a different from a class in the sense that a class can represent data elements as well as their associated functions whereas a structure can represent only data elements,, not their associated functions.

What was the class structure of the Indus valley civilization?

the class structure was the rich people lived in bigger houses than others

What is a important writer in the class structure responsible for recording history?

Where can you find a map of the culture Aztecs?

on the internet

What year did the Aztecs find chocolate?


Where do you go find pictures of Aztecs?


Did Aztecs have priests?

Yes the Aztecs had priests. visit here to find out more :]

What is the social structure like in russia?

The social structure in Russia is divided into various classes. The nobles are the upper class and the lower class is for peasants. There is a middle class for those who are below the upper class but above the lower class.

What did the Spanish explorers find in central Mexico?

The Spanish found the Aztecs. This gave them souls to convert to their religion, and they took the Aztecs gold. The Aztecs had a lot of gold.