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What is a possible theme or message in the short story sweet potato pie by eugenia collier?

A boy raised by his brother and sister becomes a "somebody" and gets an education who then visits his brother later in new York to share their different social status

How big in inches is a sweet potato?

They vary a lot. I've purchased them as short as 4 inches and as long a 12 inches.

What has more nutrients a sweet potato or a regular white potato?

There are sweet potatoes and then there are yams. There is a lot of confusion on which is which. But, I don't want to get into that right now. The short answer is they are about the same. Sweet potatoes have more sugar, but total carbohydrate is very close, if not the same. Sweet potatoes have more beta-carotene, hence, the orange color. Yams are a true root and tend to have more minerals.

What is the conflict in the short story sweet potato pie?

The conflict in the story is how one must abondon the society he lives in to be considered as living in a "higher class".

Is the word potato a short a or long a?

The word potato is pronounced with a long a.

First part of an atom to be discovered?

Its the electron! There short and sweet! Its the electron! There short and sweet!

Who is the author of Marigolds?

Eugenia Collier is the author of the short stories Marigolds

What is the duration of Sweet 'n Short?

The duration of Sweet 'n Short is 1.5 hours.

What produce more energy a potato or a lemon?

In the short run, a lemon. For the carbs, and in the long run, a potato.

What actors and actresses appeared in Short and Sweet - 1921?

The cast of Short and Sweet - 1921 includes: Dorothea Wolbert

Does potato have a short or long a sound?

Potato usually has a long A sound (puh-TAY-toe). But in some areas, it is pronounced with a short A sound (puh-TAH-toe).

What would happen with a potato darkness and light?

The darkness potato would fight with the light potato to the death and just before the darkness potato dies it would reveal that it was the light potato's father and then jump to its death. The light potato would also kiss its sister and be the disciple of the short green potato and be good friends with handsome potato and hairy potato. They all save the potato galaxy together.

If its short and sweet then its long and bitter?

I guess, lol, it just turns not so sweet. Its better to make short comments straight to point and make it meaningful and sweet, rather then long, it might make people not read it.

Do you have a date skye?

short ,sweet ,loveable and nice

How can you tell if a boy's kiss is romatic or not?

Well, when they kiss you, does it make you feel like you wish it would never end or is it short and sweet? My ex ALWAYS did short and sweet.

What Phrases contain the word sweet?

the sweet smell of successhave a sweet tootha sweet dealtake your own sweet timesweet sixteenwhisper sweet nothingshome sweet homemake it short and sweetsweeten the potsweeten the dealthe sweet thrill of victorybe all sweetness and lightparting is such sweet sorrow

Which Jonas brother is diabetic?

The answer, short and sweet, is Nick Jonas.

How long are slogans supposed to be?

Short and sweet always does the trick;)

What is the definiton of rosy fragrant and short?

the definition of rosy fragrant and short is: is not very tall but they are very sweet.

How do you use blight in ษ‘ short sentence?

The Irish potato famine was caused by blight.

What is the life span of a potato plants?

The potato plant has a short life span ranging from 80 to 150 days from planting to maturity, with differences existing between varieties.

What are the release dates for Potet - Potato 2008?

Potet - Potato 2008 was released on: USA: 10 June 2008 (Duluth Short Shorts Film Festival)

Oil field or Oilfield?

This one is short and sweet. The answer is yes to both.

Is iron toxic?

short and sweet answer....YES. it can be if taken in large doses.

Examples of consonance?

Short and sweet. He struck some bad luck.

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