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Your best and most complete diagram can be found in the Repair Manual of the particular car you are talking about. To order the repair manual look for the address in the rear of the owners manual.

4T60E Specific Information:

Specific images for your transmission is available here:

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Q: Where can you find a diagram of the 4T60E transaxle?
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Do You have a 1999 Chevy transaxle schematics?

yes, i do. it is a 4t60e transaxle

Diagram of 4T65-E transaxle?

Sorry, we can't do diagrams or pictures.

Where is the PRNDL Switch on a 1993 buicl lesabre?

The 1993 Buick Le Sabre comes with a 4T60E transaxle. Go to the driver's side fender and lean over. The PRNDL switch is located on the back part of the transaxle where the engine meets with the transaxle. If you look down past your brake booster towards the transaxle you should be able to see it. It should have two sets of wire harnesses coming out of it as well as the shifter arm connected to it.

At60e transaxle exploded view?

I found oneThe problem is that you have the wrong Model in your questionThis is a 4T60E transmission Not An AT60EIF you google the following search you will get you exploded view on first web site4T60E transmission parts

Where are the solenoids on a 1994 buick century transmission 4t60e?

Inside of the transaxle. They are located just inside the side cover. Although some part disassembly is required to get full access to the cover, to remove CAN be accessed for side cover removal, to service solenoids.

Are all 4t60e trannys the same and will they all fit in other cars that have a 4t60e?

it is a 4L60e and they will all fit as far as mounting but censor differences may occur

Will a 1997 3.8 grand prix transmission fit in a 1996 3.1 grand prix?

A 4T60E is a 4T60E unless it's a 4T60E-HD (used with the supercharged 3800) except for the gear ratios. It will fit, but there are 9 different gear ratios available for the 4T60E, and if you want to be sure your gearing isn't going to change you'd best check the RPO for final drive ratio.

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