Where can you find a diagram or schematic for the carburetor and fuel system for a 1983 Toyota PU 2-wheel-drive 4-cyl?


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2004-08-01 10:25:45
2004-08-01 10:25:45

Hey JT==A schematic of the carb will come with a rebuild kit but I don't know of any other sorce. The fuel system schemnatic will be in a manual sometines available at parts stores. GoodluckJoe


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Hey Hugo==In the rebuild kit is a schematic of the carb. GoodluckJoe

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You can find a 1988 Toyota carburetor diagram at most Toyota dealerships. The diagram can also be found in Toyota service manuals at your local library.

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A person should have a diagram when they are working on a carburetor of any car. A diagram for the 1987 Toyota Corolla carburetor can be found in the maintenance manual and the repair manual.

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When you purchase a carburetor kit it comes with a full diagram.

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