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duuno if u find out email me at

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Q: Where can you find a forearm for a Janssen double-barrel shotgun?
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I would like to find a Utica 12 gauge doublebarrel shotgun for my step-father that works?

go to eBay lol

Where do you find serial number on New Parker shotgun?

Check under the forearm

Where do you find a serial number on a side by side shotgun?

Take the forearm off, it's usually on the bottom of the barrels.

How can you find the age and value of a 12 gauge J Janssen double barrel shotgun?

J Janssen was one of the partners of Simonis, Janssen and Dumoulin which was a Belgian gunmaking firm that produced shotguns for the American hardware store trade from the late 1880's through about 1910. Value is for decoration, and rarely exceeds $250.

Where can you find a forearm for a 12ga double barrel shotgun?

You could check If they don't have what you're looking for, I would suggest going to a local gunsmith.

Info on Acier Bavard 16 gauge shotgun solid silver forearm number 59635 also 5991 are the numbers we find?

Euro made. Get an appraisal

What are Janssen and Sons shotguns?

Janssen was a Belgian gunmaker. According to my notes, the company used this name c. 1892 - 1896. Answer I have a Janssen Sons shotgun that used to belong to my grandfather. It has carving on the side of the breech and the bottom. It also has carvings on the walnut stock. I was given this same gun from my father. It has very detailed carvings in the stock and etchings on the barrel. I have been unable to find out anything about the maker or a present day price. I have looked in many of the shotgun books. My father paid 50 cents for this gun during the depression.

How do I find info on an old side by side doublebarrel shotgun?

Remington cowboy model or Itt international both are stage coach style guns that go for about $300. Besides that there are side-by-sides offered from most of the major gun manufactures but most go for about 2k.

Where can you find information on a Janssen Sons Co exposed hammer side by side 12 ga shotgun marked Belgium Laminated Steel?

To find hammers for old rabbit ear shotguns check with Dixie Gun Works

Where can you find forearm for a browning liege 12 ga over and under?

Reccomend looking at the parts listings at Also periodicals such as "The Gun List" and Shotgun News. The Liege model is not often found, and a forearm can be difficult. Its possible that an early Citori forearm could be fitted and something to check out. Also try the Gun Parts Corporation on line.

Where can you find the serial number on an Ithaca Shotgun?

If it is a Side by Side like my Western Long Range Gun, pop off the forearm - mine is marked in three places: the wood of the forearm, the metal of the forearm, and on the action. My Model 37 has the serial number stamped on the front of the reciever, opposite the slide for the pump. It is in the area between the magazine tube and the barrell.

What is the value of a Janssen Sons and Co shotgun?

Probably about $125-$150 as a mantle decoration.

I have a t.barker made doublebarrel shotgun the only thing on it is the barrel has belgium laminated steel on it and the gun has t.barker and a rabbit engraved on it how much is it worth?

I have one to.Stainless steel Estimated at about 500 to 800 hundred.Depending on condition,and who you can find that's willing to pay what it's worth.You still shoot it?

Where can you get a forend for a C S Shattuck double shotgun?

Since the company has been out of business for 97 years, you'll probably have to find a gunsmith who can custom make it or modify a forearm from a similar gun.

Where can you find stocks both butt and forearm for a Winchester model 37 12g shotgun?

in a gun shop in America darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAnswerin a gun shop in America darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Answerin a gun shop in America darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Where do you find the serial number on a Davenport Shotgun?

Before they were required to be clearly visible on the receiver, one may have been on the lower tang (behind the trigger) or under the forearm, either on the forearm or the bottom of the barrel. Since these guns were made many years before serial numbers were required, there may not be one.

Where can you find a forearm for a Browning A5 Light Twelve Shotgun?

Try Calbelas Shooting Catalog, that's where I got my stock and forarm for my auto 5 light twelve. Why they named it the light 12 is beyond me.

Where would you find the ulna and the radius?

In the forearm.

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun?

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun

Where can you find disassembly for Rossi SXS Shotgun?

contact Rossi for an owner's manual for your shotgun. For MOST side by side shotguns- check that the gun is unloaded. Place shotgun on SAFE. Remove the forearm (some have a retaining screw or pin, some snap in place and are removed by pulling) Once the forearm is removed, hold the barrel with your left hand, press the barrel release with your right hand, let the barrel swing open, and unhook the barrels from the receiver. Unless replacing broken or worn parts, stop there, and do not attempt to disassemble the receiver.

Where to find shotgun parts for a Revelation shotgun?

Modle 101 1380 410 shotgun

Where can you find a forearm for a Batavia 12ga shotgun?

The standard recommended parts houses of Numerich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop may be able to help. I don't recognize that brand.

How do you find a shotgun on clubpenguin?

You cannot get a shotgun on Club Penguin.

Are there any known quotes by Zacharias Janssen?

i cant find any quotes by him :(

Where do you find the ulna?

the ulna is one of two bones in your forearm