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I live in British Columbia, Canada. My girlfriend was having a nervous break-down and was well aware of it. She was frantic and she went straight to Mental Health. She received free counseling with a psychologist. Just in case you don't know Psychologists study human behavior and can't prescribe drugs, but they can work with your family doctor and he can prescribe medications for the Psychologist. A Psychiatrist have 3/4% of their studies on medicines for brain chemistry and 1/4% on human behavior, but can prescribe medications without your doctors permission. I suggest you act like you are at your wits end and make it sound very serious. Put on those tears if you have too (or perhaps that's exactly how you feel anyway.) The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Many people in Canada don't realize there are lots of free services out there right down to free dentistry. Good luck!

2006-08-09 18:03:56
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