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There are 2 fuse boxes / fuse panels in nearly every Ford product: one directly above the driver's left foot (when the driver is actually sitting in the driver's seat). The other is inside the engine compartment, on the right side - contains high current fuses.The Owners Manuals have detailed illustrations and information regarding the two fuse box / panels, and the various vehicle systems each fuse connects to.

Keep reading for information & links to free online sources of Owners Manuals for 1996+ Ford & Mercury products information.

most fuse boxes and power distribution boxes have a cover or access plate over them. Usually, on the inside of this cover or plate is a pictorial diagram of the layout of all the fuse locations in that particular box. Each fuse or circuit breaker position will be labeled on that diagram. Sometimes the actual base plastic of the box has the description printed by each fuse in it. (These can be very hard to read).The fuse diagram is in the owners' manual. However, it is incomplete and ambiguous. Using terms like GEM and ICP. Nowhere, by the way, does it explain where the fuse for the parking and running lights is located.

Also, a lot of the chassis electrical run through the "GEM", the Generic Electronic Module. This is the "black box" that only the dealer can diagnose!

I have had all of the running lights and parking lights go out on my 2001 Sable.

Looks like we are destined to take the car to the dealer where they will use their magic boxes to diagnose the problem.

Underneath the driver-side dashboard is a gray box that says "pull to open." It blends in with everything around it and is difficult to see. It helps to have a flashlight to find it. The fuse box is underneath youre steering wheel on the lower left hand side right next to youre brake pedel. There is a cover to let your know were all of the fuses are.There are 2 fuse box locations. There is one under the left side of the dashboard just to the right of the emergency brake pedal. You will need to remove the black plastic cover by pressing the release clip on the top edge of the box. And the second location is a fuse and relay box on the right side of the engine compartment. Both locations have fuses and or relays in them.

In most cars, it is located on the left side inside. Open driver's door, look at side of dashboard, you should see a small inward round opening, pry it open toward you. The fusebox diagrams are detailed in the Owners Manual.

Under the dash on driver side, there is a lever that you pull and the box comes down.

In the engine comparment to the right fo the radiator.

The fuse box is located under the front dash on the driver's side. It is near the brake pedal. It will have a cover on it. There is also a power distribution box which contains fuses. It is located nust near the battery in the engine compartment. It will also have a cover.

I assume you mean the one inside the cabin of the vehicle. It's directly behind the driver side door , behind the panel in the dash. (side of the dash when you open the door)

Locate the fuse box with your owner's manual help. Find the location of the fuse that controls the defective circuit. Remove the fuse with a fuse removal tool, needle nose pliers, or small screw driver. Install new fuse of same amperage/ color. Problem not cured? Check all fuses plus fuses under the hood also.

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Q: Where can you find a fuse box diagram for 1996-2010 Ford Taurus?
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