Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where can you find a gible in Pokemon Pearl?

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in a cave under the bridge by wayward cave on pearl

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Where do you find a gible in Pokemon pearl?

you can get diagla on dimond

Where do you find a gible on Pokemon pearl?

Wayward Cave on route 216

Where to find gible in Pokemon emerald?

you cant he is only in pearl, diamond

Where to find gabite on Pokemon pearl?

evolve gible go under cyling road to find him

What do you do in wayward cave in Pokemon pearl?

you run along the walls until you find gible, or if its not the secret entrance, you go deep into the cave and find gible

What rare Pokemon can you find in the wayward cave in Pokemon pearl?

A rare Pokemon to get in Wayward Cave and totally worth while in my opinion is Gible. Gible is the 'baby' version of Garchomp.

How do you find a gible in Pokemon pearl?

You can find a Gible somewhere along Route 206 which is below Eterna City and above Oreburgh City. I hope this helps in you're still looking for a Gible.

What route is gible the Pokemon on in Pokemon Pearl?

Wayward Cave

Where can you catch a gible on Pokemon?

if you go under cycling rode you should find one in Pokemon pearl and diamond

Where is gible in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant catch gible in firered or leafgreen only on Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum

How can you find a and catch a gible in Pokemon pearl?

The Cave near Eterna City Cycling Road

Where to find gible in Pokemon Pearl?

In pokemon pearl or diamond, the place you catch gible is under the cycling road on the back wall beside Wayward cave. To catch gible, the things that you will need are, the HM's strength, if you want it, flash and cut. You should use a dusk ball to catch it.

What happens if you breed a gible and a dratini in Pokemon pearl?

it will be the female Pokemon

Where to find gible in Pokemon White version?

You can't find gible in pokemon white. You must trade it.

How do you find Gibble in Pokemon pearl?

Watch this video copy,paste an search this link The Secret Cave And Where To Get Gible On Pokemon PearlDiamond!!!

Where do you catch a gible on pokemon pearl?

Gible can be found in Wayward Cave. (It's near Route 206)

How do you get gibite on Pokemon pearl?

there is a secret entrance near wayward cave, enter it and you should be able to find gible after some time. You need to evolve gible to get gabite

Where are Gible in Pokemon Diamond?

Gible can be found in Wayward Cave, which is a secret area found under the Cycling Road in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

In Pokemon Diamond where can you find the Pokemon gible?

in diamond i found gible in victory road closer to where the Pokemon legue is.

When do gible elove in Pokemon Pearl?

gible evolve to gabite at level 28 and gabite evolve to garchomp at level 48

Can you find a gible in pokemon white?


How do you get gible on Pokemon pearl?

go to wayward cave b1f near oreburgh city

Can you get a gible in Pokemon pearl?

yes, go in the cave that's under the bike brigde

Were can you catch a Gible on Pokemon Pearl?

To obtain a Gible on Pokemon Pearl and Diamond, go to the secret place at Wayward Cave, which is under the cycling bridge, just walk around till you encounter one! It's not very complexional at all.

Where do you find the Pokemon gabite in Pokemon Pearl?

Under the bridge in route 206 is a cave. go in and gabite is in there somewhere. in Pokemon platinum it is also in victory road you can only catch gible not gabite