Where can you find a good dog groomer in NYC?

Talk to people in your area that have dogs they take to the groomer. They are the best word of mouth. = I dont know for sure but there use to be The New York School of Dog grooming, and you can get your dog groomed there by a student for less cost. And they are supervised by teachers. Also ask the groomer how long they have done this kind of work. What types of dogs they think they do the best. Do they hand scissor or use clippers. Depending on what type of dog you have, how do they bath and dry the dog, is it by hand or are they put in a cage with a dryer on the door. Are they brushed out as they are being dryed. Ask to see pictures of dogs they have groomed. Ask for current clients with the same type of dog as yours and call and ask if they are happy with the service they recieve.