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There is no any other VOCALOIDs. All vocals found in Vocaloid wikia are the original VOCALOIDs made buy actual music/recording companies. Haku Yowane, Akita Neru, and Hatsune Mikuo etc. are fanmade based of the VOCALOIDs voicebanks.

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Q: Where can you find a list of all the existing vocaloids including fanmades besides the vocaloid wiki?
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What is the price of vocaloid?

Every VOCALOIDs have diffrent prices. The cheapest VOCALOID is currently $40 dollars and the highest price is about $400. You can buy the VOCALOIDs in their company's website.

Who was the first vocaloid?

Actually the first vocaloid was launched with another one at the same time so the first Vocaloids are Leon and Lola. The English Vocaloids. In the series of Japanese Vocaloid however, Meiko is first.

Where can you get the Vocaloid program?

Vocaloids can be brought from offical websites or maybe you can find the vocaloid your loooking for on ebay or amazon

Why did hatsune miku die?

She didn't. She is a Vocaloid, and Vocaloids last forever.

How do you make a vocaloid?

You cannot create vocaloids. Use UTAU instead.

Can you name all the couples in vocaloid?

No. VOCALOIDs are not couples. VOCALOIDs do not have to deal with anime or couples. It's only a singing program.

Who are all the members of vocaloid?

There are a lot of VOCALOIDs. VOCALOIDs are now up to at least 45, and their are more than 60 voicebanks.

How old is gakupo from vocaloid?

Gackpoid does not have an official age and most VOCALOIDs don't.

How much does Vocaloid cost?

A VOCALOIDs price ranges from $100 US dollars to $300. Sometimes a VOCALOID can cost $100, but this is very rare.

What are the append versions of vocaloids?

Appends are like updates for the Vocaloid. They are different voice types made to express the different emotions the Vocaloid may have.

Who knows where you can download vocaloid for free?

You can't get Vocaloid for free, but there is a programme called UTAU which is nearly the same thing; you can also make your own Vocaloids on that.

Is there an Anime show about the Vocaloids?

Unfortunately, no. Many fans (like me) are hoping there will be a Vocaloid Anime show.

What is the difference from utahloids and vocaloids?

VOCALOID is recorded program voiced by Singers and Voice actors (mostly). You have to buy VOCALOIDs to make a VOCALOID sing . There is no such thing called utauloids just UTAU. UTAU is a singing program same as VOCALOID, Cantor, etc. UTAU is a free voicebank that you can download and it's sang by a coumputer.

Who was the top earliest vocaloids?

If you mean the first ever Vocaloids, the first two were MEIKO and KAITO. Answer Number Two: VOCALOID was announced in 2003 and released their first two VOCALOIDs in 2004. Those two VOCALOIDs were LEON and LOLA who sang in English and made by Zero-G Ltd. A few months later. Zero-G Ltd. made another VOCALOID called MIRIAM who also sang in english. A few months after MIRIAMs realese, Crypton Future Media made the first Japanese singing VOCALOID, MEIKO. 2 years later after MEIKOs release, KAITO was the first Japanese singing VOCALOID. This was the end of the original VOCALOIDs.

What name vocaloid with picture?

For the pictures I suggest you use something like... I don't know... Google images? If you wikipedia 'Vocaloid' it shows all of the vocaloids which have been released.

Is the vocaloid Kasane Teto going to become a real vocaloid and when?

Teto Kasane is both somewhat a Vocaloid and a UTAUloid. Utau is like Vocaloid only thing is you can make your own voice into a UTAUloid and its free. But it is very hard to use. If you go on or you will probably see alot of UTAUloids and fanmade ones. The big difference of Vocaloids and UTAUloids are UTAUloids sound not as good as Vocaloids. But both have MMD Models. She is a Vocaloid character, but she is also part of the UTAUloids.

What is the number of each vocaloid?

The original VOCALOIDs from VOCALOID 1 do NOT have numbers on their shoulders. The first VOCALOID in VOCALOID 2 does NOT have numbers on her shoulders. Instead, she has stiches in some parts of her body. The only VOCALOIDs with numbers are the ones from the CV series. Miku is the first one from the CV series. When the number on her shoulder says 01, that doesent mean she is the first VOCALOID or the first Crypton VOCALOID or the first VOCALOID in the VOCALOID 2 Engine. The number "CV01" means Crypton VOCALOID Number 1. Kagamine Rin/Len are the second from the CV series "CV02" and the third CV series is Megurine Luka with "CV03". The "CV04" is currently in develpment.

What is the difference between an utaloid and a vocaloid?

UTAU is basically fan-made vocaloids. The better made they are, the more popular. But these vocaloids sound more robotic. Vocaloids like Neru and Haku and just higher and lower versions and Rin and Miku. They are classified as UTAU because they are fan-made, but have clearer voices because they are from official vocaloids. Vocaloid is official software that can be bought, while Utau is downloadable and free. some say vocaloids are easier to use than UTAUloids. Glad i could help!

Who is the leader of the Vocaloids?

There is no leader. Vocaloid has no canon, either. Everything about the fandom is made up by the fans. Some consider Hatsune Miku the "leader" of the Vocaloids for her popularity, but this is just a private opinion.

What is Meiko Vocaloid's last name?

VOCALOID MEIKO does not have a last name. VOCALOIDs from the 1st generation do not have last name. Meiko Sakine is just a fanmade version of vocaloid MEIKO. So does Kaito Shion, Zatsune Miku and more.

Is ZEROGcs vocaloid demo free?

Yes but only for their first generation Vocaloids, Lola, Leon, and Miriam. Trials for their Vocaloid 2 versions should be available soon, according to their website.

Is vocaloid a book series?

No. It is a singing syntheses computer program licened by YAMAHA and the VOCALOIDs are made by music/recording studio.

How can you get vocaloid?

You can get VOCALOIDs from their own companies: Zero-G ltd. Dear Stage PowerFX Crypton Future Media I-Style Project Bplats. Inc Internet Co. Ltd. AH-soft YAMAHA (you can even buy all VOCALOIDs from there, including their own VOCALOIDs) Ki/oon, or Sony Japan 1st Place (It's a company) SBS Artech Y2 Project VoctroLabs

What are these vocaloid cartoon characters?

Vocaloid isn't a cartoon, it's a Vocal simulation programme which allows music producers to use to make vocals for the music they make. There are over 20 Vocaloids, and more are being improved and released. To find more about it, wikipedia Vocaloid.

How do you talk to Hatsune Miku?

you cant she is a software made for singing litrally but when is comes to animes she talks to oter vocaloids in the vocaloid series