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The very best manual I have seen is the Haynes manual for 1982 thru 1993 2wd and 4wd S-10 pick-up and s-10 blazer/s-15 jimmy The manual is Haynes manual number 24070 and can be found either on line through Walmart or at just about any reputable auto parts store!

Chilton has on-line manuals available. You have to pay a subscription fee, but they are an excelent resource. Personally, I like to have the book available so that I can reference it while I am working on my vehicle. It's a lot more convenient. I like the Chilton as opposed to the Haynes because it has a more in depth glossary of repair codes. For on-line manuals go to .

go to and click "repair info" in the left hand column, then on the next page click the "repair guide" text in the paragraph.

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Q: Where can you find a online manal 4 a 1988 Chevy s10 blazer and how do you put a head light in?
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