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Try gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, on line auctions, egunparts.

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Q: Where can you find a rear sight for a Winchester 22 cal 06?
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What is correct rear sight for Winchester model 1894 25-35 cal 1897 manufacture?

Requires professional appraisal.

What is the value of Model 1890 Winchester pump third edition case harden adjustable rear sight serial number 254369?

the Winchester 1890 is a fine 22 cal plinker. check with '' and look under winchester 1890 model for sale price

Where can you find Rear sight for model 35A 22 cal rifle?

Try gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, want ads, egunparts.

Where can you find a replacement for a rear peep sight and rear iron sight for a circa 1956 crosman 160 22 cal pellet co2 rifle?

Crosman offers a service to locate repair shops that repair older Crosman airguns. See the link below

Is there a cal Winchester 208?

no,there is no 208 winchester,there is a 308winchester

How do i find a cooey mod 39 22 cal Winchester?

you can find them at gun shows or gun shops used.

Where can you get a rear sight for a modal 83 22 cal?

Any local gun shop/gun smith can obtain the rear sight for your model. You can also contact the company that makes your gun, and they may have a replacement for you too. brownell's gun parts online. they have everything

Where can you find a parts diagram for a Winchester model 74 22 cal? click on Winchester then 74 at the top you can buy it for about $1.50

Where could you find a stock for a Winchester model 100 308 cal?

Nu-Line Guns, Inc

Where can you find peep sight parts to .22 cal browning rifle?

gun shop, gun show

How do you remove forend on Winchester model 190 22 cal rifle?

How do you remove the forend from a Winchester model 190 22 cal. rifle for refinishing?

How do you find out the value a Winchester kings improvement 32 cal serial 122062A?

Professional appraisal, auction sites.

What is the date of manufacture for model 88 cal 284 serial 140498a?

It it is a Winchester, you can find sn information at

Price on model 1892 Winchester 2520 cal?

Value of a 1892 2520 winchester

Is a Winchester mod 70 Winchester .270 cal a long action rifle?


Winchester 190 22 cal?


Where could you buy a back sight of Winchester rifle mod 1903 cal 22 auto?

Check both eBay and If nothing turns up, then contact Garry Fellers.

Does Winchester have a Model94AE Ranger in a 45 cal?


What is the value of a 1972 Winchester model 70 270 cal?

The value of a 1972 Winchester model 70 270 cal is between $760 to $800. This is good condition price.

Where do you find information and parts for a Sears Roebuck model 6c 22 cal semi auto rifle?

The sears model 6c-22 was made Winchester/ same as Winchester model#490

What is the age of a Winchester Model 52 serial number 32216?

Your winchester model 52,.22 cal rifle was made by winchester in 1935.

What is the value of a 32 Winchester model 1924?

it's a Winchester modal 1924 it is a 32 cal. revolver

What is the value of a 1951 30-30 Winchester Model 94 with a peep-sight side-mounted adjustable rear sight shotgun-style buttplate and round barrel?

WP64-51* WINCHESTER MODEL 94 (PRE-64), 30-30 CAL., Mfg. in 1951. 80% to 90% original blue, stock nicely refinished, bore excellent, NRA antique grading fine plus. Please Click on Image to View Larger. $895.00

Did Winchester model 88 come in 358 cal?


Winchester 94AE 44 cal 5323896?

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