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You need to know if you have an old-style or new-style rifle. If the gun has a lever sticking down through the trigger guard that you press to release the bolt when it locks back (after the last shot is fired), then you have a new style and current stocks will fit. We carry new Marlin factory stocks in both hardwood and synthetic for these. For old style rifles (those where the bolt does not lock back automatically after the last shot is fired) you will need to find a used stock. We generally have those available as well. The stocks will NOT interchange between old-style (pre June 1980) and new style.

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Where can you get a replacement stock for an Ithaca model 37 featherlight?

Bobs gun parts sometimes has wood stocks for $150. Chaote has a synthetic stock for $66.00

Where can you find a replacement stock for a Glenfield Model 70 22 caliber?

At the webiste for Numrich Gun Parts. Search under gunpartscorp. Their website shows a walnut stock available.

Where can you find a replacement butt stock for a Marlin 38 pump in 22 caliber?

Precision Gun Works had them. Send them an email to check on availability.

Where can you find a replacement stock for your browning safari rifle made in Finland It is a bolt action in 243 caliber?

Try and

When did Remington quit making model 700 with a synthetic stock?

They still make a synthetic stock for a model 700

WHere can I find a synthetic replacement stock for fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre herstal belique 9mm?

Gun shop, gun show, want ads.

How much is a 30-30 marlin -glenfeild?

hello i purchased a glenfeild /marlin thi summer for 165$ in near nint condition i looked up the rifle in a gun collecter s book the going price WA 150$ but didnt state the condition of the rifle . i have enjoyed thins rifle bothe 4 hunting and target shooting since the purchace i have got a sling/scope andcartrige carrier fore the stock i have enjoyed this rifle and suggest it to others it is verty simalar to the marlin 336a the only difference is the glenfeild does not have a safety . enjoy and safe shooting

What is the value of a 22 caliber JC Higgins 101-16 semi-automatic rifle with a synthetic stock?

101 -16 was made by Stevens. It is is model 87 it is worth abought 100.00 dollars in good condition

What is a MAK 90 with a synthetic stock worth?

100-400 USD

Can you buy synthetic stock mossberg 395KB 12 ga?


Where can you get a replacement stock for a continental arms shotgun?


Where can you find a replacement stock for a Hoban rifle stock?

Brownell's, gun show, on line acution.

What is the value of A reguer mini14 223 caliber w wooden stock?

thank you

How much hp does a stock dodge srt4 have?

230hp/neon 285hp/caliber

Ruger Mark2 270 stainless with synthetic stock?

One of the variations made.

Where can you get a replacement stock for a Eastfield 916-A shotgun? has them

Replacement stock for crescent firearms shotgun?

At Gunstocks Inc.

How do you remove the stock on a Winchester model 290 .22 caliber rifle?

remove the buttplate screws, and the buttplate. In the large round hole in the stock is the stock bolt. That is unscrewed to remove the stock from the rifle.

Where can you get a replacement stock or fore-end for an older Ithaca model 37 20ga serial194784 synthetic or wood?

Sir I would try and ask them if they can help you. Ithaca guns is now located in Upper Sandusky Ohio. Sarge

Where can you find a replacement stock for your A5 12 gauge with a rounded stock?

Try MidWest GunWorks and

Where can you find an aftermarket synthetic stock for tikka t3 lite rifles?

Try the gunworx website. They have after market Tikka T3 Stocks in Laminate and Synthetic and ship all over the world. I know a few people who have them. Laminated after market Tikka T3 Stocks Aftermarket synthetic stock for Tikka t3 lite

What is the value of a Remington 280 model 7400 with synthetic stock?

100-400 USD

What is the price of a Remington 1100 12 gauge with a synthetic stock?

100-400 USD

Where can you find a synthetic stock for a Browning A-500 R?

Check Browning's website.

Is there a replacement stock for a Ruger 3 that does not have a crescent butt plate?