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You can possibly find artifacts by digging in the ground. Museums and antique shops may also have artifacts that may be for sale.

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Q: Where can you find artifacts?
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Why do archaeologists classify the artifacts they find?

Archaeologists classify artifacts so that they can study them easier. They may assign periods or civilizations to artifacts so that they can get a better understanding about artifacts.

How do you use artifacts in a sentence?

Example sentence - We were sad to find the artifacts were damaged by vandals.

What do archaeologists find out about early people?

they did to find artifacts.

How do archaeologists find out about early peoples?

they dig to find artifacts

What artifacts did you find for Hinduism?

god statues.

Where to find Kenya religious artifacts?

in Kenya

What did the artifacts find in Petra?

the good ones

Where are Indian artifacts in north Louisiana?

Indian artifacts can be found in the hills of Northern Louisiana. Other places in North Louisiana to find Indian artifacts is the Macon Ridge.

How do you get the last artifacts in Metroid prime hunters?

you find them

Where can you find pictures of Titanic artifacts not from the movie?

See the Web Link to the left to the 'RMS Titanic' site, and click on their 'artifacts' link.

How could artifacts increased the European desire to explore and conquer the Americas?

because this artifacts were made by gold; this gave Europeans more desire to explore and find more artifacts like those.

What artifacts would you find in a mosque?

A Quran the holly book

Why should archaeologists own the artifacts they find?

Archaeologists as individuals should not own the artifacts they find. The aim of archaeology is to learn from and preserve the artifacts which they recover for everyone. Objects in publicly owned museums do not belong to the archaeologists, but the public. Specific laws governing who owns recovered antiquities vary from place to place, but archaeology as a discipline is not about ownership of artifacts.

Where can you find prices for World War 1 artifacts?

Don't be stupid

What can you find in the british museum?

Iconic ancient artifacts from around the world.

What kind of artifacts would you find inside a pyramid?

ring of the pharoah.

What do Artifacts do in Metroid Prime?

Artifacts in Metroid Prime are like Keys. In the game, besides the normal Story line that you have to play, there are Artifacts hidden thruout the 5 maps which you also need to find to unlock the Crater which is the last part of the story. You need 12 Chozo Artifacts (or Keys).

The study of earth layers and the artifacts found in them is called?

The study of earths layer and the artifacts found in them is called archeology. Archeology is used to find out about past organisms.

Why do archaeologists and historians try to find artifacts and writing from ancient civilizations?

answer Answer this question…

Can you still find world war 2 artifacts laying around?


What artifacts do you find in the Eastern Woodlands region?

i dont know i'm asking you

What are some Sioux Indian artifacts?

Indian Artifacts The artifacts are arrowheads, beaded Items, pottery, rare coins, stone artifacts, rare books, contemporary artifacts,and feathered axes,

What is the collective noun for artifacts?

There is no specific collective noun for 'artifacts', in which case, a collective noun suitable for the situation is used; for example, a collection of artifacts, a display of artifacts, a case of artifacts, etc.

How could artifacts such as this have increased the European desire to explore and conquer the Americas?

Because artifacts such as this were maked by gold, so If they explore and conquer America they can find more objects like that.

What are artifacts and why are they important to archaeologists?

An "artifact" is something that has been made by a human. As human artifacts are left behind by humans if an archaeologist find one, it tell him/her something about the humans that made them.