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sorry i don't know actually i found this question looking for tabs on Google well it appears they're are'nt any i guess listen to the song over and over until you get it right and then submit them to ultimate guitar or bassmasta

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What are Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th fears?

He fears water because he can't swim.

Is Shadow the hedgehog afraid of water?

No shadow the hedgeog is not afraid of water he can swim, But sonic is afraid of water because unlike shadow he cannot swim.

What hates or fears water in cells?


How do you get the key in Puffle Rescue on Club Penguin?

if its on the black puffle rescue you have to go and get the black puffle and wait until there is a shadow when you have seen the shadow follow it but you have to keep changing but you have to keep going in bubbles when you have done it leads you to the underground water thing and then you get the moss key and then youhave finished the black puffle rescue .

What is shadow the hedgehogs weakness?

Shadow the Hedgehogs weakness is water

What do you call an animal that fears water?

A scaredy cat

What has the author Vincent A Sikora written?

Vincent A. Sikora has written: 'A model code on planning for and allocations of water to public water systems' -- subject(s): Water-supply, Water consumption, Water resources development

Do fishes cast shadow in water?

Anything that blocks light will cast a shadow. So, if light is shining on a fish, it will have a shadow.

What is Zayn Malik fears?

He is scared of heights and large bodies of water.

If you can see it and water it but it will not get wet what is it?

the answer is its a shadow

What does shadow the hedgehog drink?


What swims on the water goes under the water but doesn't touch the water?

A Shadow

Does water cast a shadow?

It depends on how you define shadow. If you define shadow as an area of lessened light caused by objects in the light path, then yes water can and does cast shadows, esp. waves, ripples, etc.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1991 Dodge Shadow with 2.2L Turbo?

how do i change a water pump in a 1991 dodge shadow with a 2.2 liter does it require an internal water pump

What does suffix nimbus?

water bearing, shadow

What is in water but never gets wet?

A shadow.

Did Vincent van Gogh paint 'Water Lillies'?


What does mizu kage mean in Japanese?

Mizu = water Kage = shadow Mizu kage = water shadow (Probably a ninja move from Naruto, I'm guessing?)

How does rain shadow effect ground water or water shed?

Rain shadow effects ground water by when it rains so hard on one side of the mountain is messes up the ground water by tearing up the soil.

How does a person who fears water take a shower?

Get treatment. It is very quick and simple with hypnotherapy.

Is water opaque?

Basically we See that water creates shadow so we conclude that it is opaque but we can c through the water also so it is transparent also .We shadow of water coz when water runs it made up of bubbles and a bubble has a curved surface so when light strikes the curved surface refraction takes place so there is a formation of shadow

What does Hokage mean?

* Kage meaning ("Shadow")* The Hokage ("Fire Shadow") Fire Country - Hidden Leaf Village* The Kazekage ("Wind Shadow") Wind Country - Hidden Sand Village* The Mizukage ("Water Shadow") Water Country - Hidden Mist Village* The Raikage ("Lightning Shadow") Lightning Country - Hidden Cloud Village* The Tsuchikage ("Earth Shadow") Earth Country - Hidden Rock VillageLiteral translation is fire shadow

What jutsus does Shikamaru learn?

Formation Ino-Shika-ChōPortable Water Field (Anime only)Shadow Endgame TechniqueShadow Imitation Shuriken TechniqueShadow Imitation TechniqueShadow Neck Bind TechniqueShadow Sewing Technique

Did Santa Anna have any fears?

yes. a fear of water. that is why he stopped at he san Antonio river.

Dose a clear bottle of water make a shadow?

of course

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