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I found the best place to look for bead designs in by typing it into your favorite search box. By using the search feature, you can find the site that will best fit your needs, since it isn't clear whether you want to design beads, or use bead designs for jewelry, or if you want loom style designs. I have provided a few search lists for you to check out.

AnswerYou can also check out your local library and bookstores. I have spent many an hour at a bookstore absorbing patterns and taking pictures of difficult designs. There are also beading magazines to check out. My favorites are Beadwork and Bead & Button.


When you type into your search engine I like Yahoo myself you should type in "Free beading patterns. There are hundreds of patterns out there and I've used them myself.

I find a lot of patterns on You also have the chance to watch the pattern being worked.

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What are the arts and crafts of the Woodland Cree?

quilting, woodcarving, bead work, designs, and pictures

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Nancy D. Caldwell has written: 'Crystal bead designs'

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Bead size is a matter of choice and usage. The thread size under the bead depends on the manufacturer and sometimes production date. Searching for the manufacturer's name and "bead" will probably find some charts that list them.

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gogogogogogogogoggogogogogogooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogogogogogogogogogogogogogooggogogogoo pp Kayla

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Are there too many people making beaded jewelry?

It does seem as though a lot of people are now jumping on the bead/charm bandwagon. For me, one of the better designs are still Lovelinks

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Bead-like units composing chromosomes?


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The Bead Museum was created in 1984.

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