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You have to get way more famous, then all the expensive stuff will start unlocking

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Q: Where can you find crucible peanuts in Fable 2?
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Where do you get Crucible Peanuts in Fable 2?

Crucible Peanuts can be bought from any Produce Trader in Albion. However, if you don't mind getting a few evil points, you can always steal from some storage furniture. The only thing about this way is that it's much slower and you often get things that you don't want. If the trader is out of stock, try going to other cities to see if their traders will have some. If not, find an inn or go to a house you own (or break into someone's house) and sleep for 7 days. By that time, you should be able to find Crucible Peanuts at any trader's stall.

Can you buy The Crucible in Fable 2?

No, but it's still fun :P

How do you get to spire in Fable 2?

You go to the docks in the town where the crucible is, you're only able to go after you complete the crucible.

Where do you find cereal on Fable 2?

there is no cereal in fable 2

How many times can you face the crucible in Fable 2?

As many times as you want, you just have to complete the spire first.

How do you finish The Crucible by Arthur Miller mission on Fable 2?

if you get the time control spell you can slow down the timer on the arena

Can you destroy a town in Fable 2?

No but you can destroy the temple of light by doing a quest after you come out of the crucible called the Oakfield massacre.

Can you use The Crucible by Arthur Miller twice in fable 2?

Not twice in a row, after you beat it the first time you must finish the next part of the story line and then you can go back to the crucible and fight again.

Where are the dig spots on Fable 2?

Your dog helps to find the dig spots in fable 2.

Where is Denzel in Fable 2?

You can't ever find him.

Is fable a dogs name or a persons name?

Fable is a dogs name because in fable 2 you find a rubber ball and on the back it says that a dog killed his brother fable

Do you have to beat the time in every round on the crucible quest on Fable 2?

No you don't. They keep asking you no matter what. Even if you win the Legendary weapon, The Chopper, they will keep asking. :)