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go to go to the pet section and ask one of those sites.

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Q: Where can you find find pet sitter animal care-type insurance for a horse farm?
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What does a horse sitter do?

Its someone who looks after your horse for a week

For what reason would someone have insurance on their horse?

Horses are expensive animals to own and maintain. People may have insurance on their horse to help cover veterinarian costs if the animal were to get sick or hurt. Some people may also have insurance on their horse because they are expensive to replace.

What Venn diagram represents the statement If it is a horse it is an animal?


Where can you buy horse insurance?

You can find horse insurance online or at any equine insurance company. My advice would be to look for horse insurance either online or in a phone book because it really is not that common of a type of insurance in certain areas and states.

What is the animal to a horse?

The animal to the horse is a donkey they say that a horse is really a donkey in disguise.

Is a horse a herd animal?

Yes, a horse is a herd animal.

What insurance policy will cover horses on a farm?

There are many insurance companies that offer horse insurance. For example there is this horse insurance company that you can try.

What animal eats horse?

If the horse is dead then a vulture will eat it, nothing in a horse's natural habitat that is animal will eat a horse.

What animal is referred to by the word equine?

A horse, or horse-like animal.

Can you buy insurance for your horse?

Yes, there are a number of services which provide insurance for your horse. Policies are typically priced on a horse to horse basis; your horse will be evaluated and a policy cost will be variable based on the value of your horse - and the services which you wish to be enrolled in.

What animal kingdome will a horse be in?

The Animal Kingdom contains all the horse in the Animal Kingdom

What animal did a horse originally descend from?

It did not descend from any animal except a horse.

What companies offer horse rider insurance?

Many mainstream companies offer horse rider insurance, although there are a couple of businesses, such as Blue Bridle and KBIS, which specialise in only providing horse-related insurance.

How did the horse be Canada's national animal?

the horse is not actually Canada's national animal the beaver is. the horse is more of an icon.

What is the most surefooted animal?

Horse should be the most surefooted animal. Horse should be the most surefooted animal.

Is a horse a thing?

yes, a horse is a thing. A horse is an animal

Why do people take out horse insurance?

Horse insurance is crucial if you own a horse. It covers all types of risks and losses that can occur when owning a horse such as death or theft of the horse. It can also cover smaller issues such as injuries or sickness.

A part time job for a 15year old girl?

Cleaning stalls for horse, dog walker, baby sitter

What animal does a sea horse belong to?


What animal has the longest fart?

horse horse

A horse is what kind of animal?

a horse is a mammal

Where can one buy cheap pet insurance for your horse?

One can buy cheap pet insurance for one's horse by going to the Pet Insurance website. The company offers insurance to a number of animals, including horses.

What does NFU Horse Insurance cover?

NFU Horse Insurance covers the financial investment one makes when buying or owning a horse for the means of financial gain such as racing the horse, studding it out (breeding) or several other ventures. The insurance is similar to buying disability insurance for a person: If they cannot work and make money, the insurance kicks in and compensates the disabled individual. The same is true with horses. If they go lame,

Vermont's state animal?

The Morgan Horse :)The Morgan horse is Vermont's state animal.

Is a miniature horse considered livestock or a domesticated animal?

miniature horse are consider farm animal