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A type of property insurance which reimburses the owner of the expenses incurred for the treatment of ill or injured pets. With the first policy sold in Britain in 1947, pet insurance has two kinds – the lifetime and non-lifetime.

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Where can you get pet insurance quotes?

Answers from contributors:
  • It pays to look around and educate yourself on the variables possible in a pet insurance policy. Some policies are different from others, make sure you are satisfied with what you are paying for. You should think about what you are looking to cover, if you're trying to cover multiple pets, or older pets. If you are looking for routine care coverage or emergency care coverage, etc. All this plays a factor and different providers specialize in different care. You can usually get pet health insurance at your local veterinarian clinic or animal hospital.
  • Always ask your veterinarian first about pet health and make sure the pet insurance company is licensed in your state.
  • Check with your vet to find out who provides the best pet insurance.
  • Check with a local pet shop.
  • You can also check with your vet but also do your homework, because you don't want any surprises when you file a claim. Be certain to be truthful on all application documents.
  • The safest way to check into buying insurance to cover a pet is to talk to the vet that you use. There are many different insurance plans offered out there, but what would matter is which insurance they will accept. Also consider if you do any traveling what would be most widely accepted.
  • Congratulations on your "baby." You sound like an extremely good pet owner so I suggest you talk to you vet and they will give you several different pet insurance programs you can join up with. Please read their policies carefully and be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. I would not use the internet to get your pet insurance. The vet is a phone call away.

Some major American Pet Insurance companies:

Veterinary Pet Insurance (800) USA-PETS

Pets Health Care Plan by The Hartford Group (800) 807-6724

PetCare and ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs

Pet First Health Care

Embrace Pet Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Pets Best Pet Insurance

Trupanion Pet Health Insurance

Most insurance policies are "indemnity products", meaning that the company pays all or most of the costs incurred.

However, there also exist "discount plans". These differ from indemnity plans in that they offer a discount from what would be the regular fee charged by the veterinarian. These plans are much less costly than true insurance, but they also provide a different kind of benefit. Understand that you are financially responsible for the payment of the fees, although they are discounted. You also must enroll in the plan and the sponsor of it charges an enrollment fee.

You must also be aware that veterinarians often stop their involvement in the plans, and therefore no longer offer the discounts that you were counting on. Therefore, it is important, before you join or use the plan that you ensure that the vet still participates.

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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover glasses?

Blue Cross/Blue Shield has many different plans and types of coverage. Yes, it will cover the cost of glasses, if this coverage is included in your plan. To get a specific answer , you would have to call either your plan administrator or Blue Cross directly to see if you are covered under your plan.

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How do you become a pet insurance agent?

Becoming a Pet Insurance Agent
  • I believe that you can find the answer to this question at Petcare. It also appears to me that you have to be a P&C licensed insurance agent. There is also a link to check and see which states offers licensing.
  • You need to get a property and casualty insurance license. After you do this, you can contact the companies which offer pet insurance and get appointed with them. To locate a P&C school near you, you can either contact the Department of Insurance in your state or try and locate one online.

There are a few companies out there that allow you to sign up quickly and easily.

Pet Insurance

What insurance will cover dog bites?

I am a licensed insurance agent; licensed in 45 states for 16 years. I sell animal liability insurance and have extensive insurance experience.

First, a dog bite will never be covered if you buy insurance AFTER the bite has occurred.

Second, you should always have a renter's insurance policy or homeowner's insurance policy, regardless of whether or not you own a dog. If your dog has no prior bite history, you will probably have coverage for a dog bite in the future. But you should always read your policy to be certain that coverage for animals or coverage for certain breeds of dog are not excluded.

Third, if your dog cannot be covered by your renter's insurance or homeowner's insurance; you can always buy animal liability insurance to cover such unfortunate events.

Pet Insurance

Will pet insurance cover grooming and obedience training?

There is a policy that does provide some reimbursement for this.

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What is Reverse Pension Plan?

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == The self-styled expert who wrote the "answer" below is making the elementary mistake of comparing apples with oranges.

There are in fact two markets that exist with regard to endowment policy trading, the first type is the publicly Traded Endowment Policy (TEP) market which is regulated by securities regulators, which is the only market you will find any information about if you google the phrase "Traded Endowment Policies".

In this regulated market, the hub of which is in the UK, you must hold a TEP for 7/8 years before the TEP has accrued sufficient value to make it possible for it to be sold on, for a profit, crucially however, as well as this regulated public market in TEPs, there is also private financial market known as the a "private placement" traded endowment policy market, this market is closed to the general public because it is not regulated by the SEC or equivalent regulators, but it is regulated by the insurance regulators.

Within this private financial market only Sophisticated/Accredited Investors are permitted to invest in the these type of TEPs, and when I say Sophisticated/ Accredited Investors I am referring to the Trust partner or Venture Capital firm, not us the members.

So how is it possible that we as members are able to participate in a private placement TEP transaction, even thought they are not open to the general public?, simple, we join a private-members club and pay a membership fee (admin fee), this private-members club structure makes it possible if a "Reverse Pension Plan" to provide it's members with access to these type of transactions as beneficiaries, not as Investors.

The biggest difference between publicly offered and regulated TEPs, and private placement TEPs, is that the private placement TEPs, have an immediate value based on its maturity value which is available to the Sophisticate/Accredited Investor as soon as the policy is issued, in other words you don't have to hold a private placement TEP for 7/8 years before it has accrued sufficient value to make it possible to sell it, this reality is demonstrated by the fact that the Bank will offer a loan of 60% of the endowment policy's face value (maturity value) to the Sophisticated/Accredited Investor (Trust partner Venture Capital firm) as soon as it is issued, and since Banks only give loans against good collateral, it should be equally clear that these type of private placement endowment policies constitutes excellent collateral, as otherwise no such loan would be forthcoming.

Remember, these private placement TEPs should not to be confused with publicly offered and regulated TEPs, so knowing your apples from your oranges is key, and is what separates the financially savvy individual, from those less so.

== == == ==

This is all total fantasy and not what TEPs are I work in the TEPs market in London and would just confirm a few facts as we have had many enquiries regarding these Reverse Pension Schemes that simply do not exist and must be bogus scams The market is primarily to my knowledge based in the UK as thousands of Endowment policies were sold in the 80s & 90s for Mortgage repayments, due to the nature of the plans most pay very low bonus rates as these funds have to be guaranteed once declared so chose to invest in lower risk investments which obviously reap lower returns Many maturing policies are not covering loan amounts so many householders chose to cash their policies in early and switch to an repayment loan basis, now because the policy surrender value gives away terminal bonus which can only be paid at maturity this threw up an investment market for investors wishing to buy these plans and carry on the premiums to maturity and thus obtain the bonus and the value of a TEP is about 20% higher then the surrender value , and for the investor it represents a return of about 8-10% per annum on their total investment. Now reverse pensions say they are issuing insurance plans and trading these on the TEPs market at the maturity value….this just cannot happen and the value of a new plan is lower then the premiums paid for the first few years so this would be a crazy thing to do as you would get less than you pay, plus no bank would loan against a projected maturity value which is why the TEPs market will only quote once a value has been achieved. Its worth remembering that when these are issued for a mortgage it's the property that's being used as collateral not the policy which is just a repayment vehicle designed to pay at a future date from bonuses earned through investment funds, these cant be paid before they are earned other wise you could do this for your mortgage and save all the interest repayments and just pay the policy premiums over 25 years Its our opinion that foreign fraudsters have looked at the booming TEPs market in the UK and based this on the concept which looks good for those with out any experience and are easily baffled by financial jargon which although is quite good its also totally inaccurate. == == Reverse pension plans are innovative and highly profitable projects initiated and run by venture capitalists - in pre-arranged cooperation with their insurance company and their mortgage company. To gather a target number of eligible members, the venture capitalists set up a network-marketing operation (for example, Global Pension Plan or Pension World Wide), offering very generous referral commissions to those who will help get the word out. When the "Reverse Pension Plan" has reached its' goal number of contracts/members, the venture capitalists will purchase a pension insurance policy on each member which will, of course, mature when the member reaches 67 years of age. A quick Google search will reveal many entities who are willing to purchase these policies for immediate lump sum payout. This should assure those unfamiliar with endowment policies of their legitimate value. However, Reverse Pension Plan members agree to transfer ownership of their policies to the venture capitalists who purchased them on the members' behalf for a one-time sum. Then, as each member reaches the age of 67 years, the venture capitalists will collect the full value (about $250,000) of each policy - an assured, substantial, long-term income for them! Also, the cost of the policies, the compensation, and the referral commissions are all tax-deductible business expenses, too. Additionally, with possession of these policies as collateral, the venture capitalists are eligible for massive loans. This leaves them with plenty to cover cost of the network-marketing operation - referral commissions and administration . By using the loan to finance the program, they now own a pension policy with a significant value upon maturity. So, now you see that Reverse pension plans benefit everyone involved ! "

RPP are nothing but elaborate scams run by very dubious characters

The real fact is that no reverse pension plan has ever paid out. The 1st one launched 5 years ago and every one since has had a funny way of vanishing.

[WoMM - This statement "no reverse pension plan has ever paid out", needs to include a date. I don't know when it was written but I am typing this as of Jun 25 2009, and it still seems accurate from my research. We await the counterexample. ]

Firstly the sums are fantastical and not based in reality. They have been disproved by a range of insurance specialists. These guys are operating in the billions without licenses or even a postal address....

Consider that no RPP plan has ever given out direct contact details or a registered address. They use dubious money services to collect funds and route payments through a variety of institutions to keep their identity hidden.

The biggest RPP of them all is The Global Pension Plan. 8 months after promised payments, the plan has not even collected personal details from the over 150,000 registered clients. There are constant warnings listed on various national securities websites including :

Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany and others. A number of sales agents identified with these schemes are convicted felons and others are under investigation.

If you are reading this topic by way of research before purchasing, RPP's are a proven scam and no amount of marketing or number fudges should blind you to the fact The scammer who promotes GPPs invited you to Google TEPS to see the number of firms in this market place…. Now do a little more research on these sites and look at the qualifying rules and you will see that its impossible to trade one until the surrender value has equalled the initial price or premiums paid, that's about 6-7 years …go on an have a look? These plans are no longer available as they represent poor value for money as the guaranteed element or the sum assured has to be invested in safe funds….however when they were a Single premium of $41k which is what GPP are saying they are paying would provide a guaranteed sum of $33250…….so if you traded that from the outset you would actually lose money. Use the link below to visit one of the UKs biggest TEP traders and see the qualifing rules for yourself.....why not call them and ask them about RPPs....!|825410678

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What is the best pet insurance that vets recommend?

I definitely would recommend getting pet insurance through Trupanion! Their website is really easy to read and straightforward. Not only that, you can also do free quotes and read about how it differs from other pet insurance companies. Trupanion pays 90% of the veterinary bill and they dont have a dollar amount on your claims except they have a $20,000 lifetime limit. What I think is really cool is that you can pick out your own deductible which ranges from ($0 -1,000) If you choose to have a lower deductible, your monthly premium is a little higher thant it would be if you chose to have a higher deductible. It all works out in the end.

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Where can you get European pet insurance?

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If you paid 600 dollars for your cat's appointment when you obtain insurance can you submit a claim the 600 dollars?

No you may not, because it is after the fact.

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Do vets get kickbacks from pet insurance companies?

yes they do get kick backs from the insurance on the pet!!!!!!!

I'm not sure I'd agree with the word "kickback." This normally implies something underhanded, and that's not normally the case at all. If a vet works on your pet, he/she will give you a bill. If you have pet health insurance the insurance company will pay the bill for you, just like medical insurance for people pays their medical bills. This is just normal business procedure, not an illegal or under-the-table kickback. With the prices that vets charge these days, it might be tempting to consider the possibility of something criminal, but in the case of reimbursements by insurance companies, this is not the case.

Pet Insurance is completely legitimate and no, they do not get "kickbacks".

Pet Insurance

Can you find fully comprehensive pet insurance for a toy Yorkshire Terrier in the Herford Germany area?

Yes, and For reviews you might want to check the link below!

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What are the pros and cons of pet insurance?

Pet insurance is very expensive, and like house insurance you can put hundreds of dollars into it and your dog may not require using the health insurance until they are much older. However, health insurance also cuts back the cost of the shots the dogs need during the year. You don't really see the investment in this until your dog has a more major problem.

If you have a large dog with a low-slung back-end (boxers, grey hounds, German Shepherds, etc.) then their chances of having "hip displacia" is almost certain and any procedure the vet will do will be costly. Border Collies are prone to eye problems (some go blind later on and also can have hip problems) and small dogs can have joint or back problems and respiratory problems as well.

The draw-back on Pet Insurance is you have to get it before your dog gets ill with a certain health problem. ie: Your dog has to have x-rays and an operation for hip displacia and then you want the insurance. They won't cover it! If your dog has the above, but has another problem in the body then it will cover this particular problem as long as the dog didn't have it before the time you got the health insurance.

To get the best out of insurance, you would ideally want to insure them as soon as you can. Preferably when they are young like 1 or so because companies wont cover claims it if is a pre-existing conditon. This doesnt mean you shouldn't get insurance when they are older.

Also, please ready each plan carefully and be sure it's a good one for the money. I'd go "mid price" and be sure it covers emergency calls.

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What is the definition of insurance?

Insurance is defined as the compensation due to a loss, damage, death or illness. The compensation is in return for the payment of an insurance premium.

Pet Insurance

What causes salt water and fresh water to mix?

E = M x C2

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What dogs are on the naughty dog list?

Really any dog. no matter what kind how old how behaved it is there will be some kind of naughty behaver

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Where can you find find pet sitter animal care-type insurance for a horse farm?

go to go to the pet section and ask one of those sites.

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Where can an individual find insurance for their Asian bull elephant?

Pet Insurance

Do you have to be a property and casualty insurance agent to be a pet insurance agent?

Generally yes. You can check with your state Dept of Insurance to see if the product is offered and what licensing is required. You can go to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website for links to the state officials you are looking for:

Pet Insurance

Does a pet waste disposal company need to be bonded and insured?

Wouldn't hurt, I'd contact an agent and seek advise on what risks might be associated with this business that I need protection from.

Pet Insurance

Do vets get kick backs from pet insurance companies?

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I would like to combine two separate accounts I made a mistake and put second pet on a different account?

Simply call the company and they can connect your accounts

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Is a boxer on the aggressive dog list?

Boxer dogs are defiantly not on the aggressive dog list! They are such lovely dogs, i have one myself and they are wonderful with children. When they are playing with other dogs, it may look like they are really hurting them because of the noise they are making, but they will never actually hurt the other dog. Even when they play fight with people they know that they cant be to aggressive other wise they will hurt someone. They are defiantly the BEST dog!

My heeler was attacked unprovoked today at the dog park by a Boxer - and when fights break out, it always seems to be a boxer. This was not play fighting... The owner of the boxer took his dog and moved to the other dog area where it started picking fights with other dogs. Seems like they are the worst dog to bring to a dog park. They should be on the aggressive dog list.

Boxer's need to be socialized from a early age, aggression can occur with any type of breed, but socialization is key. To say that a Boxer is the worst breed, which you are entitled to do so is just absolutely not true. Boxer's are great loving, kind and hilarious. Boxer's are not for all people, and can be extremely energetic at times so they need to be exercised every day.

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When did pet insurance become available?

The first pet insurance policy was written in 1890 by Claes Virgin.

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Is vpi pet insurance the only pet insurance company?

Veterinary Pet Insurance is one of the largest and oldest pet insurance plan for cats and dogs. VPI is not the only pet insurance company, companies such as ASPCA, Petplan and Embrace also offer pet insurance plans.

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Does Geico insurance have pet insurance?

No, only progressive does, you also must buy collision in order to get this protection. Please keep in mind that the same deductible will apply for both the dog and the vehicle.


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