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Please do an internet search on how to care properly for a baby that age. How is it you have come into the care of a 7 week old baby unaware of how to care for it in the first place?

she probably needs help...... just keep with your instincts, and KNOW all you CAN do is the best. If you need more for it...if that means CPS, 911 or whatever...DO IT!! Your child has a right to life just as much as you. Don't be afraid to ask for help...

Use the yellow pages and call daycare centers and churches to ask for suggestions.

So I am guessing she is back to work at 8 weeks like normal and need care for her baby. I like to use the local high school. Call the child development department and ask them to recommend their high achievers and they will have them call you and you can pick who is best for you and your family. I use more than one babysitter.

A bit more:

You can post notices on the bulletin boards of nursing schools for nursing students who want part time work. Nursing students have most likely had some training in emergency medical care, and often tend to be more mature. And being nursing students, they likely have that special caring quality that is crucial when tending to babies. But which ever way you go, always get references, and check them out! And with babies and toddlers, you need to be sure they are CPR certified.

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Q: Where can you find help babysitting a seven-week-old baby?
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