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If you research on the internet, you'll find insurance companies that cover pets specifically. I keep parrots, but my insurance company won't cover them under my homeowners insurance...I have to buy a special policy, and then they won't cover death from illness and certain other things. They won't cover my dogs either without special riders and extra money.

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An insurance company doesn't dictate what exotic animals a person can own, but they don't have to offer coverage either. If you have the money, you can pay many insurance companies to cover your pets for certain things, but this coverage isn't automatically part of homeowners insurance.

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Q: Where can you find homeowners insurance that allows ownership of exotic pets?
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Will your homeowners insurance go up if you have a dog?

Most homeowners policies do not increase the rates due to possession of a dog. Every application for homeowners insurance does ask if you have certain dangerous breeds of dogs, exotic pets, or a dog who has a bite history. If you do have one of these breeds, an exotic pet, or one with a bite history, the company will usually not agree to issue a home insurance policy. A few companies will agree to issue the policy if you agree and sign an exclusion for animal liability.

What insurance companies offer exotic car insurance?

Exotic car insurance is offered by insurance companies such as Greener Pittsburgh, Equifit, Chubb Collector Car Insurance, Glennon, and Farmers Insurance.

Can you get pet insurance for sugar gliders?

Yes, but it has to be an insurance that covers exotic pets if in the USA since they are originally from Australia and are exotic in the states.

Is there a company who will insure a person's property who owns exotic animals like a bear and cougar?

I have not found insurance unless you get a homeowners and policy on the exotics seperately. And show proof you have a policy on the exotic animals, no company will insure you! It can cost thousands of dollars a year! It is ridiculous that people haveto go through this!

Whar company will give me the best automobile insurance quote in Pa. for an exotic sports car?

Insurance on an exotic sports car can be pricey. I would suggest getting your insurance from Statefarm.

Are there any pet restrictions on any homeowners insurance policy?

Many insurance companies will no longer give coverage to someone who owns exotic pets such as Pythons and other non-domestic animals. Also certain dog breeds which are believed a danger to the public, such as Pit Bulls and Rotweilers.

Where do you find general liability Insurance for your exotic animals?

This is not common like Homeowners, so you will probably have the best luck going to an independent insurance agent with access to a few MGA's (Managing General Agencies) who have access to a Liability market (insurance company) for this. You might also consider Animal Mortality coverage. See link below.

Do you need a permit to own a sloth in America?

The ownership of exotic pets varies from state to state within the U.S. Anyone considering exotic pet ownership should properly research the special care and other needs of the animal before buying the animal.

What are some exotic pet options that are also legal?

Laws regarding ownership of exotic pets will vary from state to state. According to CBS News, some exotic pets that are legal to own include hedgehogs, pygmy goats and pot-bellied pigs.

Do you agree eating an exotic food?

Yes, eating exotic foods is something you should try. This allows you to broaden your eating horizons and try new things.

What services do Bedford Insurance offer?

Bedford Insurance offers the services of Rental Car and Truck Insurance. Bedford Insurance has been in business for 40 + years. They also insure exotic and luxury fleets.

Does Tesco Insurance provide pet insurance?

Yes, Tesco does provide insurance for your pet. They offer insurance for cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies. I am not sure if they offer any for any other exotic animals.

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