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Where can you find ideas on designs to paint your interior walls using different colors to make patterns or accents?


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You can check out the Bob Villa site. It has some really good ideas for "bag' painting walls and faux designs. It also has a program where you can try out Bob Villa, paints on different style rooms. Or mix your own color combinations. Another suggestion: You can go to the "" web page. you can choose the color you might want in the room and it will show you a picture of the room with those colors on the walls. Also, it will suggest some complimentary colors to go with it. If you like a certain color you can also alter it a bit making it more muted, brighter etc. Good luck. When I tried it I found it to be very helpful. Going online and to paint stores are great sources of knowledge. Another is Barnes and Noble where I have found tons of information on novice to advanced techniques of decorative arts and faux finishing.


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