Where can you find ideas on designs to paint your interior walls using different colors to make patterns or accents?

You can check out the Bob Villa site. It has some really good ideas for "bag' painting walls and faux designs. It also has a program where you can try out Bob Villa, paints on different style rooms. Or mix your own color combinations. Another suggestion: You can go to the "behr.com" web page. you can choose the color you might want in the room and it will show you a picture of the room with those colors on the walls. Also, it will suggest some complimentary colors to go with it. If you like a certain color you can also alter it a bit making it more muted, brighter etc. Good luck. When I tried it I found it to be very helpful. Going online and to paint stores are great sources of knowledge. Another is Barnes and Noble where I have found tons of information on novice to advanced techniques of decorative arts and faux finishing.