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The best place to start your research is online. Try typing in the name of your industry, followed by the search word "industry". This will usually bring up a host of industry associations, publications, etc., which are all prime sources of industry stats and data. For instance, if you type "restaurant industry" into the Google search engine form to the right, the first link is the National Restaurant Association. They are the voice of the restaurant industry and the premier source for economic and statistical information. Type in "rifle industry" and the first link will be to the American Firearms Industry. You get the point. You might have to dig, but the information should be there. If you are unable to produce any favorable results using this research technique, you have other options. Continue searching online using other keywords. Go to your local library or open up the phone book. There might be a local organization devoted to your industry sector. Call them up and don't be shy. Tell them what you need. Projected Financials require a professional to review. The best place to start is by searching online.

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Q: Where can you find industry information for a business plan such as total industry revenues and expected growth trends?
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What were Alarm industry revenues in 1994?

Alarm industry revenues were $9.8 billion in 1994

What were Alarm industry revenues in 1997?

Alarm industry revenues were $13.9 billion in 1997

What are the revenues of the ornamental shrub and tree industry?

a $40 billion industry

What is the typical business in the industry?

Nearly all the companies in this industry employed fewer than 20 workers. Typically, small to mid-sized machine shop receipts account for as much as 70 percent of industry revenues.

What are the revenues of the worldwide paint and coatings industry?

Worldwide, the paint and coating industry generated $70.7 billion in 2001, similar to revenues of $70.6 billion in 2000.

What did the mutual fund industry earn in 1997?

The industry reported 1997 revenues of $16.6 billion

What are the revenues of the lawn and landscape industry?

$25 billion by 2007

How computer are being used in industry?

Industries generate their revenues from Manufacturing & Service processes. The administration and management in Industries forproduction of goods and services being offered greatly depends onvarious sorts of information.Implementation of Computers in Industryprovides methods of creating, storing and sharing of Information required and accelerates decision making within.Apart from role in Information exchange Computers also play a vital role in Automation of Business Processesthat leads to generate more revenues.

What are revenues?

Revenues = Sales Revenue is the amount of money charged for the usual product or services sold by a business.

What are the revenues of the specialty paint and coatings industry?

Having declined both in terms of volume and revenues in 1991 and 1992, this industry segment rebounded to sales of $3.1 billion in volume of 194 million gallons by 1994

How are profits from diamonds being used today in many African countries?

In Africa where legitimate and legal diamond mining occurs, local jobs, business tax revenues and community support are key indicators of the health of the industry. Nation export revenues also benefit countries.

What are the aspects and importance opportunities in international entrepreneurship?

International entrepreneurship help small business diversify their revenues. By diversifying revenues, small business owners can be more competitive in local markets.

How Information Technology has affected the banking industry?

The business impacts of information technology, deregulation and globalisation on the structure of the banking industry is analysed. It is shown how these forces are combining to create an unstable banking environment in which new entrants and innovation are reducing the income streams of banks. The dynamics of the banking industry are related to the reduction in revenues and it is postulated that the global banking industry is entering into a spiral of decline. The strategic responses of the banks, particularly the trend towards mega-mergers and internal cost-cutting, are shown to be insufficient in the long term to offset the reduction in income.

What did the telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry earn in 2001?

2001 revenues reached $166.7 billion for the telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry

How did movie industry revenues compare before during and after the Great Depression?

by economical decrease

When total cost exceeds total revenues a business has registered?

A loss.

What does surplus mean within a business?

Surplus mean excess in business. A business can have a surplus of product in its inventory, which isn't good for revenues.

What were SIC 3996 revenues in the 1980s?

By 1989, industry participants were enjoying sales of $1.4 billion.

The gross increases in owner's equity attributable to business activities are called?


What is a typical percent of labor costs to gross revenues for the average business?


What is the difference between revenues and the expenses needed to operate the business?

profit or loss

What are the benefits of tourism on business?

Tourism results to increase country's revenues from business establishments and alleviation of country's problem on unemployment.

What are the revenues of the electromedical and electro-therapeutic apparatus industry?

$13.5 billion worth of goods in 2000

A segment of a business responsible for both revenues and expenses would be called?

cost center

Few examples of medium scale industry?

Examples of medium scale industry includes different factors. It is the number of employees and the amounts of revenues that the company has. Medium scale industry could be franchises or factories.