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Its basically a Stevens 94B, just sold under Pioneer. I actually got one myself. They are the JcPenny version of Stevens if i am not mistaken. Worth about 150-300 bucks. But normally more towards 150.


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Depending on model and condition, between $50-100.

The Pioneer Model 23 .22 rifle sold by Gamble Stores Incorporated is equivalent to the Stevens Model 52B. Savage/Stevens produced several firearms that were sold through dept. stores that put their brand name on them. You can find gun parts for it through Numrich Gun Parts Corp @ Look for the Stevens 52B, the majority of parts are sold out. The gun would have been produced in the mid-30's. Hope this helps.

Made for Pioneer Stores by J. Stevens, it is likely a .22 LR.

I have a "Pioneer Model 26 Gamble Stores Incorporated" bolt action 22 rifle. It belonged to my father. He's 87 now - he bought it new when he was 12 in Deadwood, South Dakota. Hope that gives you some timeline. Mine is now 65 years old.

Made by J Stevens Arms Company

These were made for Gamble's Stores by Savage, and are caliber .22 LR.

Known as "Hardware Store" guns, Savage/Springfield/Stevens made rifles marketed under the Gambles Store Pioneer label. Yours MAY be a Springfield model 86. I happen to have one marked Springfield, and one marked Pioneer Gambles Store, and they appear to be identical. As shooters, they are worth $50-100. Nice little rifles.

Not Crescent- Savage made them for Gambles Store under their Pioneer trade name. Have a couple of them. Basic, but nice little rifles.

Pioneer Ts-a6990 Original Price = 149$ But the Model was dis-continued by PioneerRef:

Pioneer Gambles Store Model 27A .22 caliber rifflePioneer was the brand name used by Gambles Store for the rifles made for them by Savage/ Springfield/ Stevens. These are known as "Hardware" guns, from the period when many hardware stores, Western Auto, etc sold guns. The Model 27A may be the Savage/Stevens Model 87 (before 1948, model 087). There is no major collectors interest in them, but they are good utility grade hunting rifles. The extremely slender stock and wrist make them very nice first rifles for young people. They have been out of production for some time now, limited parts may be available from, value $50-75, depending on condition. I have 2 of the Gambles Store rifles- the grandkids love them.

These were made for Gambles Store by Savage /Stevens. Depending on condition, value may range from $50-75. Nice first rifle for a young shooter- have two of them, grandkids love them.

I need the model name to tell you. There isn't just one password for every pioneer machine.

Made by J Stevens Arms Company-NOPE.Nope. The Model 765 "Pioneer" was made by Harrington & Richardson Arms Co., Worcester, Mass.The name Pioneer was used by different gun makers, house brands, etc., just like name Ranger and a few others. But a Model 765 Pioneer was from H & R.

The Gambles 103 is a Savage 30.

I'm not sure exactly what model it is but he has got a iPhone. 📱

Depending on condition, between $50-125. These were known as Hardware Guns- a number of gun makers would make guns marked with the name of your company, for you to sell to your customers. Examples include Sears, Montgomery Ward, Shapleigh Harware, Gambles, and Western Auto stores. I believe your Gambles Store Pioneer was actually made by Savage Arms.

That model can be connected to bluetooth devices.

It all depends on the condition and model of the rifle. Daisy has made several versions of the Single Shot. The model "A" Single Shot, model "C No1", model "C No2" and the "Sentinel Single Shot". Most were made in the early 1900's. Can you Identify your model?

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