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Yes littlefield ranch is in business and has had a peak year.

From the website, it states: = Welcome to Littlefield Ranch: Your source for mail order steak = We at Littlefield Ranch promise to deliver you the highest quality, premium mail order steak at the most reasonable price. Each steak is hand selected, carefully trimmed and aged a minimum of 14 days. We guarantee that you will get consistent, USDA Prime steak every time, that is unparalleled in flavor, well-marbled and always tender. We are your best source to buy steaks online. We produce over 200,000 cattle a year for the finest Texas steaks you can get. Get your mail order steak fast and fresh with 2-day delivery. We make as easy as possible for you to buy steaks online. When you buy from Littlefield Ranch, you know you are getting the best quality mail order steak guaranteed. We offer USDA prime top sirloin, filet mignon, ribeyes, and strip steak. We also offer steak combos for the best value. At Littlefield Ranch, we are proud to share with you a process, over 70 years in the making, and improving all the time. We guarantee the delivery of quality Littlefield Ranch steaks that will keep you coming back for more. Our reputation is at steak!

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