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I actually see these barrels quite frequently on eBay. they go fairly cheap. just look for the mossberg 500 barrels. If it doesn't fit right then turn around and resell it on eBay again. There are also quite a few gunpart sights on the net.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 11:31:21
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Q: Where can you find information about Western Field shotguns?
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Where can you find serial numbers for western field shotguns model 565?

Check the barrel and receiver.

Where can you find a clip for a16ga westernfieldboltaction mdl228fr?

The Western Field bolt action shotguns look to be Mossbergs. Try

Where can you find parts for a Western Field 12 gauge shotgun?

You can find parts for many westernfield shotguns at Numrich gun parts.

Who made western field 12 gauge pump model m550ABD?

Pretty sure it was Mossberg. Take a look at a list of Mossberg shotguns. I'm sure you will find one that looks like your Western Field.

Where can you find information on a Western Field model thirty five?

I don't find a model 35 in the cross-reference list, but Western Field Model 35A is the Mossberg model 30

Where can you find information on 16 Ga shotguns?

On the internet.

Where can you find information on Washington arms shotguns?


Where can you find serial numbers for western field shotguns?

Trying to find serial numbers for a western field shotgun would prove to be very difficult.There were many makers of shotguns for the montgomery wards company.some of these include mossberg,savage,stevens,and noble.It would be best if you include the western field model number of your shotgun and then we can convert that number to the original maker of your shotgun.Then we would be able to find the makers model number.You must remeber that prior to the gun control act of 1968 weapons were not required to have serial numbers on them.

Where can you find information on the Western Field 30-06 M730?

This is the same rifle as the Mossberg 810.

What manufacturer is compatible with a 12 gauge western field shotgun?

Several companies made shotguns and rifles for Montgomery Wards, marking them with the Western Field brand. Maker depends on the model. Find the model number, then go to Scroll down to the cross reference tab, and find your make/model IF it is listed.

How do you find information on Remington Revelation shotguns?

The Revelation brand name was used by Western Auto from the 1950's to around 1970 on guns made by various manufacturers.

How do you find information on a Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater?


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