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This is a Marlin model 81 wearing a Sears & Roebuck brand name. Can't locate production dates for this model, but somewhere around 1940.

I have an Over & Under "Ranger 103, 12 guage Shotgun. I haven't been able to find it in any of the books.

I thought that Marlin made it but it wasn't listed as that either.

Do you know anything about it?

Bernie - The 103.13 is a Marlin 81. Made in the 1960's. It is a rifle, not a shotgun. It should be a good 'plinker' or small varmint gun, but has no significant value. Probably around $80-$100 in Very Good condition.

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Q: Where can you find information about a 22 S-L-LR Ranger Model 103-13 shotgun?
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Seeking information on a model 30 ranger shotgun?

Try Look under the store brand info.

What is the age of a Winchester ranger shotgun serial number A8172?

100-175 dollars is the going rate for a winchester ranger shotgun.Your ranger shotgun was made from 1964-1981 if it was a model 1400 ranger shotgun.

What model number is a Winchester ranger shotgun?

Model 120 is most common

Did browning make a 16 gauge ranger repeating pump shotgun?

No browning did not,but winchester made a ranger model pump action shotgun.

What is the age of a 410 Ranger Model 56152 shotgun?

That is not the model number, but the Ranger marked shotguns were sold by Sears before WW2.

Winchester ranger 12 gauge?

If you are asking if Winchester made a Ranger model 120/12 gauge shotgun,then the answer is yes.It was the economy version of the model 1200 shotgun which was made from 1964-1981.

Where can you find parts for a Ranger Model 30 16 gauge shotgun?

You can purchase parts for a Ranger model 30 16 gauge shotgun at these locations. Gunbroker, Topgunsupply, Budsgunshop, Gunpartshop and Midwayusa.

Where can you find information on a sears 16 ga ranger shotgun bolt action 105-20?

Its an H&R Model 120

Who made the sears ranger model 30 12 gauge shotgun?

The Ranger Model 30 was built by Stevens between 1904 & 1932.

When was 120 Winchester 20 gauge ranger made?

The winchester model 120 ranger model shotgun was made between 1964-1981.

Who made the Ranger 410 side by side shotgun?

I too have a Ranger .410 sxs hamerless shotgun. I believe it to be made by Stevens. Possibly a model 311.

How old is a J C Higgins-model 10313-22 cal rifle?

how old is a jc Higgins model 10313 22cal an how much is it worth

What year was the Winchester ranger model 120 12 gauge serial L1574434 made?

I can say that the model 1200 Winchester shotgun was made from 1964-1981.The model 120 ranger was the entry level shotgun to the model 1200.Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers assigned to the years of production of the model 120 ranger shotgun,but I can assume that yours was made during the same time span as the higher level model 1200.

What is the age of a Winchester model 140 12-gauge shotgun with serial number N1057693?

I do not believe that the serial numbers for the Winchester model 140 ranger,semi-auto shotgun are in the public domain.I can say that the Winchester model 1400 was made from 1964-1981,and this was the higher priced version of the model 140 ranger shotgun.

What is the value of a Winchester model 120 Ranger 12 gauge shotgun with Winchoke?

The exact value of a Winchester model 120 Ranger 12 gauge shotgun with Winchoke is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the shotgun.

What is the value of a Winchester model 120 ranger 20 gauge shotgun with modified choke?

The model 120 ranger shotgun ranges in price from 90-170 dollars depending on the overall condition of the gun and a good bore.

Where can you find information about a Ranger 5000 side by side 12 gauge shotgun?

Ranger was a trade name sold by Montgomery Wards. The Model 5000 was made by J. Stevens Arms from 1931-1941.

How can you find a magazine for a Ranger model 101.4 shotgun?

Have you tried doing a web searh?

How can you find a magazine for a Ranger model 101.4 410 shotgun?


What is the value of a 12 gauge ranger shotgun model 30?

100-300 USD

Value of a Winchester ranger model 120 20 gauge shotgun?


What is the value of a Ranger Winchester shotgun rifle?

If it's really a shotgun and a rifle, I have no idea what you have. Several variations of the Model 1300 and Model 1400 shotguns had the Ranger name added and we would need to know a little more about it to give an estimated value.

What is the value of J Stevens Model 37 shotgun?

need information on stevens-springfield model 37 410 shotgun

Where can you find information about a Ranger 20 gauge over under model 103-5363 shotgun?

AnswerThe model is Ranger 20 gauge over under model 103-12 and is stamped 5363 Ranger 103-5363 o/u was made by Marlin and is the same gun as the Marlin Model 90. Prior to WWII Sears used the Ranger name. After WWII they used the JC Higgins name. Sears introduced the Ranger 103-XX O/U in 1937.

Who made the 410 Sears and Roebuck Ranger Model 104.5 shotgun?

Probably Harrington & Richardson