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Open the cylinder and see if there is a model number stamped on the frame. Also, how is 'ATF' marked on the gun? List the markings EXACTLY as they are and where they are on the gun.

2006-08-02 10:50:18
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What caliper is an eastern arms revolver?

It should be marked on the barrel.

Where can you information about a 6-shot 38 Special CTG revolver 6 inch barrel with 38257 on the bottom of the grips 82574 on the barrel and also marked Springfield Patent Oct 08 01 Dec 29 14?

The Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson, 3rd edition, by Supica and Nahas.

What is the Model Number of a H and R 22Cal 9 shot revolver with a 6 inch barrel that is marked as a 22Cal Special?

Early Harrington & Richardson revolvers did not HAVE model numbers, but model NAMES. In your case, the model name is "22 Special".

What model is a blued Rossi 38 special with a 6 barrel from firearms international?

Should be marked on the barrel

What kind of ammunition does a 41 cal single action revolver take?

Depedns on what the barrel is marked as to caliber. Could be rim or centerfire.

Hopkins and Allen Safety Police revolver The sn is F5662 what caliber is it?

Caliber can not be idenitifed by sn. Take it to a gunsmith if it isn't marked on the frame or barrel.

Where are browning maxus made?

It will be marked on the barrel. The barrel is marked "Made in Portugal".

What is the caliber of ce399?

Should be marked on the barrel. It is impossible to tell caliber from the information you provided.

Is there a difference 32 cal special ammo and regular 32 cal ammo for 32 detective special handgun revolver?

No such caliber as .32 Special. Use the caliber of ammo marked on the gun.

Can you shoot 22lr in a high standard revolver?

IF the revolver is marked ".22 LR" yes. If it is marked ".22 WMR" or .22 Mag" or " .22 WRF", then NO.

Colt revolver marked official police-38 special serial number is 885xx can anyone provide the manufacturing date?


Will a fn browning a5 full 12 special chamber a 3 shell?

If not marked on the barrel, take it to a gunsmith for testing.

Can you find the history of FH revolver with ser 317866?

Is there any other writing on this gun? I don't know what company would have marked marked a revolver with these initials.

What 32 revolver is marked with a star?

MIght be a Nagant

Where is model number on rossi revolver?

Not marked, IIRC

Where can you find information about a 1939 Model 97 with a stainless steel barrel?

Please list EXACTLY how the barrel is marked, and if possible send a digital picture.

Where can you find information about a small caliber Smith and Wesson revolver serial 141?

Need to know exactly how the gun is marked.

Where can you find information about an old shotgun marked with Cannon Breech on the barrel and nothing else?

Try googling it. I believe you will be surprised.

Where can you find information on a Firearms Interational Regency model 22 LR cal revolver marked made in US?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Colt new survive marked 44cal which 44 is it serial 24xx 1900 production 7 12 barrel?

Usually the 44-40 is marked 44 WCF, so it is likely .44 special

Where are browning bar's manufactured?

Marked on the barrel.

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson Secret Service Special dated May 22 1917 with pearl grips?

Smith & Wesson did not mark any revolvers "Secret Service Special." Exactly how is your revolver marked?

Pistol marked with NP 38'?

It's like asking "Car marked with 318?". More information needed. Caliber, maker, barrel length, box, accessories, condition, finish, etc..

What shells can i shot in a auto-5 made in japan marked special steel?

The ones listed on the barrel. Stay away from steel shot.

What is the model of a Rossi revolver in .38 special Serial D 247718 marked F581 inside cylinder crane?

No way to tell model from jus the serial number.