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Where can you find information about a Remington 22 long rifle patent pending Model 34?

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Made from 1932-1936. Value can reach $400 in excellent condition.

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What is the value of a Remington model 33 made in ilion New York with the patent pending?

$100 - $200 depending on condition. Or less for rough.

What is the value of a Remington model 510 that has patent pending 22 short or 22 long rifle?

Retail it's worth about $150 or $160.

What model is this serial number 289162 22 Remington rifle?

Could be several, need more information, patent dates or any other info?

Remington pistol built in Ilion NY around 1858?

Need more information but there is a model 1858 ;) BUT that patent date is on different revolvers as well.

What model number is a Remington 22 pump with a Pedersons patent January 5 1909 Serial number349044?

It is a Remington Model 12 .22 cal. pump

When was my Remington Browning Patent 249748 made?

browning and Remington are two different companies, its not possible to have one companies gun under another companies patent.I beg to differ! I have a Remington model 81 woodmaster in 300sav.caliber that is made by remington and has John M.Brownings patent marked right on the barrel.Brownings patent for the remington models 8,and 81 were from the year 1900.The Remington model 8 was made from 1906-1936,and the model 81 from 1936-1950.All Winchester model 1886 rifles were made under a patent frpm John M.Browning.If you can re-post your question with the model number of your Remington,and caliber along with a 2 or 3 letter code found on the barrel of your firearm,I will be able to date your firearm for you.

What year was a Winchester model 63 produced that says patent pending on it the sn is 34597?


What is the value of a page Lewis 22 model a1 targes patent pending?


What savage rifle used clip US patent number 2630175?

.222 Remington model

What ammo to use in 22 Remington special rifle model 12 patent April 16 1912?

.22 WRF or .22 Remington Special

What is the value of a buda railroad jack model J499 15Ton No715 patent pending?

75 rough, 200 mint

How much is a Winchester model 37 single shot 12 gauge worth patent pending?

Depending on condition, ABOUT $200.

Info onremington model 51 umc logo 380 cal pa9483 on side of barrel reads on top of slide the Remington arms union metallic cartridge co inc Remington ilion wks ilion ny usa pedersens patent pending?

Start with these guys...

What year was the 22 410 model marked Pat Pending and Chicopee Falls Mass USA made?

1939-1945. If it says patent pending, you can ASSUME it was in the first year or two, but it may be refering only to a patent for some very minor improvement.

Where can you get an online picture of a browning model 11 with compensator 12 ga shotgun?

This is probably a Remington model 11. It was made on Brownings patent for the auto 5. try a google search using IMAGES, and type in Remington model 11. auto5man

What would the price be for a Remington model 1909?

Never made a model 1909, that's a patent date on at least a model 12 pump, but value is greatly dependent (on model) and condition, condition, and condition.

Price for Winchester model 37 steelbilt 16 gauge?

i what if it says patent number pending on the 37 16 steel single shot

Was there a recall of Remington model 1100 barrels?

Your best source on information would be to contact Remington via their web site.

What is the model of a Remington shotgun serial number 146683 patent date Feb of 1903 to May of 1905.?

Pretty much almost impossible to tell the model just by the sn.

Where can someone find out more about the Remington Score Master 22 rifle model 511?

Google Remington scoremaster model 511. Several websites have information on this .22 firearm.

What is a Model 11 that has no markings other than patent info on the barrel and Remington on the butt plate?

The Remington Model 11 is a semi-automatic shotgun available in 12, 16, or 20 gauge. Approximately 300,000 were produced by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium from 1911 to 1948.

Where was a Remington model 1917 serial number 623343 made?

Model 1917? Are you reading a patent date or something? But for any model made after 1920 the month and year can be determined by the barrel code, all the details can be found on the Remington Society of America here:

What is the value of a Remington 22 short lesmok or smokeless greased model 24 browning's patent oct24 1916?

they are going for as high as 1250.00 dollars

Age and value of marlin model 56 22 cal micro groove patent pending serial m3889?

$50-$250 depending upon condition.

What is serial number for mossberg model 47c and wh is patend pending?

Your Mossberg was made prior to 1968, and will not have a serial number unless made for the US Military. SNs were not required by law on rifle and shotguns until 1968. Patent Pending means that a patent has been applied for- but not yet granted- on some mechanism in that rifle.