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Bear Arms of Kent, WA, once had one for sale for $72. Otherwise, there is very little info out there about Kimel revolvers (much better know for their 9mm). this designed revolver is now made under heritage mfg. some slight differences.

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Any info on a kimel industries western six pistol 22 LR 6 shot?

Kimel Industries was a manufacturer and distributor in Matthews North Carolina. Sometime it became AA Arms, then ceased to exist in 1999.

What is the value of 1973 Western six model revolvers made by Kimel Industries?

I don't know the answer but I also have a Kimel ind. Gun, Model 5000 32 Cal. seven shot revolver. Made by Kimel Industries in Matthews, North Carolina. ... Kimel Industries Inc. PO Box 335 Matthews, NC 28105 1-800-438-9288 ... - 34k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar

What is the value of a western six 22 mag by kimel industries?

Not high dollar guns- Kimel is no longer in business. Depending on condition, $100-$150.

Where can you find ammo for an old Kimel Industries 32 caliber revolver?

Try Old Western Scrounger.

When did they start making the kimel industries 36 round magazine?

No history published on Kimel

Where can you find ammo for an old Kimel Industries 32 caliber revolver 7 shot?

Try Old Western Scrounger

Kimel Industries 32 caliber model 5000?

Based in N.C. Kimel Industries Model 5000 .32 caliber listed as .32cal SW

Value of the western six pistol 22 lr 6 shot made by kimel industries nc?

50-75 or so

Kimel western six?


Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Kimel Industires Western Six?

BLue book of gun values

Where can you find replacement parts for a western six 22 lr pistol made by kimel industries matthews nc?

Out of business for over 10 years. Try a want ad, estate sale, garage sale, egunparts, pawn shop, gun show, gun shop

What is the value of a western six kimel?

about $100.00

How old is your western six LR pistol by Kimel Industries?

Kimel Industries of North Carolina was a manufacturer and distributor. In the 90's, name change to A.A. Arms, and then out of business in 1999. Your revolver is probably an import, very similar to the Hertiage Rough Rider- low cost 22 reolver, most with aluminum frames.

What is Kimel Industries?

A manufacturer and distributor of firearms located in NC, they closed in 1999.

What is the best ammunition for the Western Six 7-shot revolver from Kimel Industries?

You will need to experiment with as many different brands and bullet weights as you can. What is accurate in one may not be in another.

Where can you find parts for a kimel industries 32 cal revolver?

Try gun shops and gun shows.

What is a kimel western six worth?

25-100 USD or so depending on specifics

How many 32 kimel mod5000 were made?

That information is not in the public domain.

What is the selling price for a western six revolver manufactured kimel ind?

25-100 USD

How old is your kimel western six was made modal k30494?

No sn data published that I am aware of.

What is the value of a western six 22 KIMEL 6 shot revolver?

Depending on condition, $100-$150.

What is value of kimel western six revolver 22mag .chrome plated with onyx grips?

About $100.

You have 22 cal made by firearms international corp.washington dc. 20022 what yr. was it made an what for?

I took the grips off my western six 22LR pistol and found these guys as the manufacturers for the Kimel Industries. How old is my gun and how the hell does the cylinder come out?!

When was Eduardo Kimel born?

Eduardo Kimel was born in 1952, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How old is kimel ind western six 22 mag K53117?

Probably made in the 1990s. Started in 1990, closed 1999.