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Where can you find information about an old bolt action rifle with a tubular magazine and no writing on it except Ranger 22 Cal?


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2005-02-26 05:09:05
2005-02-26 05:09:05

The Ranger name was used by Sears Roebuck, apparently as early as the early 1900's and possibly as late as the 1960's. The guns were made by a variety of manufacturers. I have a list that cross-refrences Sears guns to the maker's model if you can locate any numbers on it. Most have model numbers with a decimal point in them, like 101.1601.


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Cross referencing store brands cn be iffy. Sear used the Ranger name- and so did others. IF your Ranger 35 is a bolt action 22 with a tubular magazine, it is a Stevens Mdl 66, made from 1931-1935. If that does not describe YOUR Ranger, please repost with some additional info- type of weapon, caliber, type action, etc.

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It is a Savage/Stevens product. I have new 5-rd and 10-rd magazines for it.

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Parts neededwe have a ranger model 103.2 works good but need a clip and triger guard. help us find the parts or make offerfor magazine check with:

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