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The Ranger name was used by Sears Roebuck, apparently as early as the early 1900's and possibly as late as the 1960's. The guns were made by a variety of manufacturers. I have a list that cross-refrences Sears guns to the maker's model if you can locate any numbers on it. Most have model numbers with a decimal point in them, like 101.1601.

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Q: Where can you find information about an old bolt action rifle with a tubular magazine and no writing on it except Ranger 22 Cal?
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What is the age and value of a Springfield Stevens Ranger 22 bolt action with a tubular magazine?

Tops out at $100-$125.

What year was the Ranger 103-13 bolt action 22 made and what is the value It is tubular magazine fed.?

No sn data available; 10-120

When was the Ranger model 35 manufactured?

Cross referencing store brands cn be iffy. Sear used the Ranger name- and so did others. IF your Ranger 35 is a bolt action 22 with a tubular magazine, it is a Stevens Mdl 66, made from 1931-1935. If that does not describe YOUR Ranger, please repost with some additional info- type of weapon, caliber, type action, etc.

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How do you remove the magazine from a ranger 103-2 rifle. I put a new magazine in it and can't remove it?

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Where can you find information about a Ranger 101 14 semi-automatic and where can you buy a magazine?

It is a Savage/Stevens product. I have new 5-rd and 10-rd magazines for it.

Where can you find information about and parts for a 22 S L LR Ranger Model 103.2?

Parts neededwe have a ranger model 103.2 works good but need a clip and triger guard. help us find the parts or make offerfor magazine check with:

What is this rifle worth Ranger 22cal lr tubular fed semi-auto mod 101.16?

25-125 USD or so

How can you find a magazine for a Ranger model 101.4 shotgun?

Have you tried doing a web searh?

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Where can you get a magazine for a sears Ranger 22 model 50?

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Where can I find sling swivels for a Ranger 22 rifle with tube magazine?

gun shop, gun show, Brownell's

Where can you get a Ranger Model 3622 magazine clip?

Try gun shows, gun shops, want ads,

Anybody know where you can get A magazine for A ranger 101-13?

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Where can you get information on a 1907 Ranger single shot 22 rifle?

Search the internet and see if there are any collector sites for Ranger

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Trying to find a magazine for a Sears mod 36 22 cal bolt action Found was made by Marlin and their mod is 80 Will a Marlin mod 80 mag work in old Sears Ranger?

go to sears pick up a magazine and wow u have a sears magazine

Where can you get parts for a ranger 22 target rifle with a clip magazine?

Try a want ad, for sale ads, gun show, gun shop

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