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The 15th Cav has an association you may contact for further information. 15th Cavalry Group Mr. Danny Monico 42 George Street Binghamton, NY 13904 607-724-9174 You might also try this web site http://www.knox.army.mil/school/1atb/515/

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How can you find information about the 36th Cavalry Squadron during World War 2?

Go to www.google.com and search "36th Cavalry Squadron during World War 2"

How do you find information on the 36th Cavalry Recon Squadron in World War 2 and did they belong to the 11th Group and their relationship to the Blackhorse Unit?

The 36th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron was assigned the the US Ninth Army after it arrived in France, November 26, 1944.

How can you find what division and regiment the 28th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron was from?

The 28th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized was part of the 6th Cavalry Group, which was originally part of the XV Corps. The 6th Cavalry Group was part of Patton's Third Army.

How can you find the pocket insignia patch for 3rd squadron 5th cavalry Vietnam?

Vietnam War 3/5 Cav Association has a web site; equipped with phone numbers.

What was 633 squadron famous for?

The British RAF 633 Squadron was the title and subject of a Movie starring Cliff Robertson. But I don't think you will find any historical information on this unit as it seems to be fictious. A story made for Hollywood.

Where can you find a yearbook of the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment in 1960?

Try contacting the 14th Armored Cavalry Association; see the link below.

What was the amendment that forbade any state from denying African Americans the right to vote because of their race that was ratified in 1870?

This would be the 15th Amendment under section 1. To find out more information on the 15th Amendment, check out the related link.

Where is a copy of Star Wars Battlefront elite squadron?

You can find them at Gamestop and Best Buy

Where can you find plane models?

Freetime Hobbies, Squadron Mail order, amazon, ebay.

How do you remove cavalry logger from facebook?

Did you find this on View source? You cannot remove it.

Where do you find lions medals in evony?

You get them by attacking valleys. The best way to get Lion medals in evony is by getting it least 15000 cavalry and 100 scouts and then you find a lvl.......Method 1 (works best for me)works over 75% of the timeYou get the 15000 cavalry and 100 scouts and then you find a lvl 10 valley with ONLY archers and attack with 10000 cavalry and 1 scout. You will get them it least 1 when you try it 3 times.Method2 works over 75% of the timeYou get 15000 cavalry and 100 scout and find a lvl 9 valley with ONLY archers and then you attack it with 6000 cavalry and 1 scout.You will get them it least 1 when you try it 3 times.

Looking for a picture of a C-124 Globemaster from the 15th Troop Carrier Squadron tail number 515189?

The tail number seems too long 20994 is at McChord AFB on a static display here is a pick to hold you over. I am trying to find the tail number your looking for but no luck yet.

Is Star Wars battlefront 3 the same as Star Wars elite squadron?

Well, yes and no. Star Wars Battlefront will have four incarnations, 1, 2, Rogue Squadron, and Elite Squadron. There technically is no "Battlefront 3", because Rogue Squadron and Elite Squadron are not for the major gaming consoles (as in unportable) and therefore Lucas arts does not consider them as Battlefront 3, merely side projects or expansions if you will. That guy has it mostly right, but "Battlefront 3", the would be Lucasarts project, in some of the "leaked" footage you can find on youtube, looks alot like Elite Squadron gamplay on steroids.

Where can you find information about a World War 2 medal called the 'Flying Wings of Pompa'?

I found in my late grandfather's belongings a medal of this description, his name was John N. Oliver, he was in the 726th squadron in italy. If you find anything out about this please let me know. trey.mouch@gmail.com

Where can you Find black sheep squadron vol 3?

Wikipedia's entry on the Black Sheep Squadron indicates that Vol 3 was released in France in 2007. You may have to wait for it to be localised for international markets, or you can buy it, as is, from French retailers online or onsite.

What is the 15th most endangered species?

the 15th most indangered species is the casey giraffe there is such thing but it is impossible to find anywhere i should know i am an expert on giraffes

Can anyone tell me the license code of Red Ace Squadron Pro?

if you realy need this find me on facebook: markozivanovic95@hotmail.com

What will Emma Watson do on her 19th birthday?

We will find out tonight - April 15th 2009.

Is a squadron of pelicans the correct term?

Officially, no, though I have heard that for years also. I cannot find anything other than the group name being "pod". I just checked again and did find an Australian site which considers "squadron" an acceptable term for a grouping of pelicans. There, I feel much better knowing that. -Connie

Where can I find information on water lily's?

You can find information on water lily's at the library, or you can find information at a place that sells pond stuff. You can also find information from friends.

A lost US Navy squadron helped bolster the legend of what infamous location?

Bermuda triangle. find me sinciermonk on gsn and your welcome

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