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See the link to the right. THis link has some good information. They show up in late May and can last two to six weeks. 17-year Cicadas come out in mass in heavily wooded areas. They number anywhere from 100,000 to 1 million during the cycle, depending on fires of the last 17 years. They are harmless, but make lots of noise.

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Q: Where can you find information about the 17-year cicadas?
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How often do you see SC cicadas?

i USED to see lots of cicadas but their always dead. sometimes i find them alive. but there are many more cicadas out there!

Are cicadas animals?

Cicadas are animals - specifically cicadas are insects .

Are there cicadas in Portugal?

Yes, there are cicadas in Portugal. In total, there are 2,500 known species of cicadas. Cicadas can be very damaging to trees and crops.

Where can you find cicadas?

PLaces where there are rich jungles or rainforests, such as Costa Rica

do cicadas have backbones?

No cicadas do not have backbones, they are invertebrates. Any Animal and insects that is an invertebrates do not have backbones.

Are cicadas insects?

Cicadas are insects in the order Hemiptera.

does cicadas have backbones?

They have an exoskeleton, which is their "backbone"

How fast can cicadas fly?

cicadas fly approxlimitly 18.12

How do you attract cicadas?

You can attract cicadas by snping or with a loud vacume.

How do cicadas communicate?

Adult cicadas mainly communicate through sound.

What is the collective noun for cicada?

There is no standard collective noun for cicadas. However, any noun that suits the context of the situation can function as a collective noun, for example, a chorus of cicadas, a clatter of cicadas, a din of cicadas, etc.

What can you do if a 17year old does not attend school?

call a doctor

Are cicadas vertebrates?

No cicadas are insects with no backbone or internal skeletons therefore they are not vertebrates.

Can cicadas hurt you?

Despite their size and grotesque appearance, cicadas are completely harmless.

Why do cicadas sing?

the male cicadas are the ones that sing.they do it to attract mates.when a male is singing,not only females but other males gather around.Once the males and females have gathered,they find partners that suit them,then they mate

What kind of habitat do cicadas live in?

cicadas habitat's are quite not sabled. But i know you will not be able to see the cicadas so there habitat's is living mostly up in trees

Should you open your pool before the cicadas leave?

That depends on how much you care about the cicadas

Do male cicadas make sounds?

Apparently, only male cicadas make sounds.

Why don't 17 year old cicadas and 13 year old cicadas appear together?

They do appear together. Cicadas appear every year in late summer.

How are cicadas different then dragonflies in the way they feed?

Cicadas stick their proboscis into a tree branch and suck the juices from the tree. You should check out Massachusetts Cicadas for a lot more on that.

Are cicadas found in Ontario?

Yes. I usually find several in my backyard each year in Thamesford, Ontario.

Can people eat cicadas?

Yes you can,they are high in protein. However you can have my serve of cicadas, I'll have your steak

Where do cicadas lay there eggs?

Female cicadas lay eggs in grooves they carve in the branches of trees.

Do cicadas live in trees?

yes because i learned about this in science most likely that is a cicadas environment

Why do cicadas have three sets of legs?

Cicadas are insects. All insects have three sets of legs.