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Where can you find information about the 17-year cicadas?


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2006-06-23 17:58:24
2006-06-23 17:58:24

See the link to the right. THis link has some good information. They show up in late May and can last two to six weeks. 17-year Cicadas come out in mass in heavily wooded areas. They number anywhere from 100,000 to 1 million during the cycle, depending on fires of the last 17 years. They are harmless, but make lots of noise.


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i USED to see lots of cicadas but their always dead. sometimes i find them alive. but there are many more cicadas out there!

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Cicadas are animals - specifically cicadas are insects .

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Yes, there are cicadas in Portugal. In total, there are 2,500 known species of cicadas. Cicadas can be very damaging to trees and crops.

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PLaces where there are rich jungles or rainforests, such as Costa Rica

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Cicadas are insects in the order Hemiptera.

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