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Go to Google and type in Holocaust, or go to the library and get a book on the subject. There's a very interesting book about a girl named Anne Frank.....

For information on specific aspects you might look at the online Holocaust Encyclopedia. (See link below).

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Q: Where can you find information about the Holocaust?
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Where can one find holocaust pictures?

Online, you can learn more about the Holocaust at the Holocaust History Project Homepage, which has information and photographs about this tragic event. You can also visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, a monument and information resource found in Washington DC.

Why history books provide more information on the Holocaust and not on Nan-king?

you can find books on both.

Where can you find holocaust style striped pajamas?

At the holocaust xD

Does Houston have a museum called the Holocaust Museum?

Yes. There are also other US cities with Holocaust Museums, which you can find listed in the related link below. This link gives you the locations of all Holocaust Museums in the US, and around the world, as well as information on each of them. Currently, there is a total of 65 Holocaust Museums.

What websites provide information about holocaust survivors?

There were many survivors of the Holocaust. Holocaust Survivors dot org site offers many stories and photos from actual survivors one can read. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have an abundance of information on their website as well.

Where can one find facts about the Holocaust for homework?

I don't know that much,but the following site has lots of information go to, there's heaps of info --- Try the Holocaust Encyclopedia:

Photos of the holocaust?

There are many photos of the Holocaust. You can google Holocaust and click on "images" to find pictures of the Holocaust.

What is the conclusion of the Holocaust?

we have yet to find out.

Where can you find Holocaust poems?

What are facts about holocaust museum in Washington DC?

It was opened in 1993. It caters to a wider deffinition of the Holocaust. It has become one of the premiere desinations for sources and information on the Holocaust in the United States.

What political incidents were behind the Holocaust?

There were no specific incidents behind the Holocaust. For further information please see the related questions.

Why is it vital to teach future generations about the Holocaust?

To prevent it's recurrence. By books and another types of information in were you can find more info about the holocaust the next generations can analyze and help the future. By this methods the next generations will help to prevent this event.

What is good information of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is a very challenging, deep, and vast topic. There are many websites and books on the Holocaust available at libraries or museams. Lectures and speakers can be found at Yad Vashem, and other Holocaust memorial websites and locations.

What was Joseph Goebbels' role in the Holocaust?

He was in charge of information and propaganda.

Show you a list of Holocaust terms?

You may find the online Holocaust Encyclopedia useful. See the link below.

Do you have a list of good websites to go on to look for information on the Holocaust?


Who can send you a lot of information about the holocaust?

a library would be a good start.

How can you get information about dogs that were unleashed on prisoners in the Holocaust?

You can't as the holocaust did not actually happen. It was invented by Jews to create pity for them as another ordeal they endured for their "god".

Where can you find the names of people who died in the Holocaust?

How did Anne Frank stop the Holocaust?

Anne Frank didn't stop the Holocaust. She just made a diary on the thing. The Allies stopped the Holocaust. Anne Frank was just a teenager during the Holocaust. She could not have stopped it. The above answer is correct. See link below for more information.

What are some categories of information about the Holocaust?

I would do a google search on you topic in one of the following: World War 2, Jewish history, Adolf Hitler, any other facts or pieces of information about the Holocaust. Or check out the library.

Where can you find the 'cannibal Holocaust' movie?

You can find the movie on Netflix....of course a subscription is required.

Is there any pictures of the Holocaust?

Yes there are. Many millions of photos. If you google Holocaust photos you will find alot of interesting info and photos about it.

What were the goals and outcome of the Holocaust?

the Holocaust was born from a need, its goal was to find the solution of what to do with Europe's Jews. The outcome was the destruction of the Europen Jews.

How is the Holocaust related to the war in Darfur?

The Holocaust is not related to the war in Darfur. One can find similarities between any events in history, it does not make them related.

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