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Read the Book "The God Delusion" By Richard Dawkins. He has put together a fantastic book answering all the questions of the doubters.

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Agnosticism is a concept rather than a religion and has been and is shared by many well-know personages. Religious Tolerance Org presents an interesting insight on the subject.

Jiddu krishnamurti

Study the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti (see link), then the decide if you want to pursue Agnosticism.

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Answer 2 touches on an important point often overlooked which is that an agnostic, does not necessarily hold beliefs that are contrary to major religious beliefs. For example, one could be a good Christian, and still be an agnostic in concept. Indeed, in some interpretations of Christian faith, agnosticism is imperative to faith, since proof would deny faith.


I do not agree with answer 3. If you are agnostic, you are choosing to not give yourself any religious title. To sum up being agnostic, which I am, you believe that there is a possibility to each side. Its not a religion at all, its the belief that everything may be true, who knows?I'm sure not going to act like I do. Nothing has been 100% prooven or disprooven, so if you choose to be agnostic, you choose to believe anything may be possible. Nothing is right or wrong. Some things in life can't be answered. I hope I'm alive the day they are, if they are, because then organized religions and atheists can all stop separating themselves from each other!

ANSWER 5: I think that a person could learn a lot by reading "The God Conspiracy" written in 1989 by a Guru who is now called OSHO.

Answer 6: Agnosticism is an uncertainty as to whether or not there is a God. If you want to know more about religion or faith, go to the leaders of a church or faith group and ask them what they believe and what their faith/religion means to them. If you want to know whether you are an agnostic, ask yourself a simple question: "Is there a God that I believe in?" If the answer is yes or no, you are not agnostic.

Answer 7: there is also a book written by a christen or something about go not being a delusion... I am agnostic but i think it is worth reading into many religions before choosing...

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Q: Where can you find information on being agnostic?
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Can you state yourself to be agnostic on a registration form?

Of course, why not. But are you sure that you are an agnostic? For example most deeply religious observant catholics would consider themselves agnostic. Indeed, being an agnostic is an important aspect of being a devout Christian or Jew. So by stating that you are "agnostic" is not saying much.

No one can be agnostic do you agree?

I disagree, being an agnostic myself. I would be interested to hear why you think that nobody can be an agnostic, since you obviously did when you posted this question.

What is agnostic pathology?

Agnostic pathology is another way of describing the merger of radiology, pathology, and molecular diagnostics. Information at any scale.

What does anacostic mean?

I think you mean Agnostic. Agnostic is the belief that one can neither support nor deny the existence of a supreme being.

What is agnostics?

An agnostic is somebody that is not sure about a god or higher being.

What does being in an Agnostic religion mean?

Agnostic is a term for a person that doesn't follow any religion but is open to the idea of a deity of higher power. This differs from atheist, which means person that specifically doesn't believe in religion. Due to the meaning of agnostic, the is no such thing as an agnostic religion.

Do agnostic's believe in a supreme being?

Agnostics are in the middle. They see no proof in their being a supreme being and no proof that their isn't a supreme being.

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How do you xxplain the significance of agnostic and monotheistic?

An agnostic takes the position that there is inadequate information to answer any question about God/Gods. Monotheistic refers to the belief that there is one (and only one) supreme being as opposed to polytheistic (many divine beings as in Roman mythology) or pantheistic (a god presence in every thing).

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For a definition of agnosticism, one need only turn to any dictionary where one will quickly learn that agnosticism is a religious viewpoint that essentially 'sits on the fence', not following a religion but also not asserting that religion is false. For more information about what agnosticism is about and motivations behind being agnostic, one can look to explanations on religious websites or talk to a religious figure.

What does the religion Agnostic mean?

The word Agnostic, key word Gnostic meaning pertaining to knowledge; To know. Agnostic is without knowledge. and in most cases it is not KNOWING if there is or is not a god. Which is different than Theism and Atheism which is pertaining to the BELIEF of there being a god or gods.

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What is the position of the agnostic those whose philosophy about God is agnosticism.?

An agnostic believes in some "higher power", but rejects the teachings of organized religions, saying that no one can have correct information about that higher power.

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What is the holy book for the agnostic religion?

It depends what you're agnostic about. If you're agnostic about Christianity then, in a sense, the Bible would be your holy book. But really, being agnostic simply means you can see, and are willing to admit, that the existence of the gods can be neither proven nor disproven. The word is formed by "a-", meaning without, and "-gnostic", meaning knowledge. So an agnostic is simply one without knowledge of the gods existence. It is not a religion, but rather a stance, or opinion, about religion. You can be an atheist, or a member of a religion, and still be an agnostic. In fact everyone is an agnostic, whether they realize it or not, because the existence of gods obviously cannot be proven. Of course, what most people mean when they say they're agnostic, is that they haven't really formed an opinion on whatever it is that they've declared they're agnostic about.

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