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The "Blue Devils" were the 88th Infantry Division. Here is the website address: I was unable to come up with an association for the 34th, however you may contact the 88th at this address: Mr. James W. DeLoach 6808 Eastbrook Rd. Columbia, SC 29206 e-mail 803-787-8861 Go the US Army Center for Military History website and look under Po Valley 1945 for detailed info. I am a "Blue Devil", member of 350 Inf, reg, 88 Div. served in Italy from Anzio to Brenner pass, 1944-45 to end of war. This site was started by someone whose relative was posthumusly awarded a Silver Star at the Battle Mountain(Monte Battiglia). He has plenty of Maps and he is uploading After Action Reports on the 350th Infantry Regiment. For a brief history of 88th Infantry Division as recorded in the book that was issued to the soldiers at the end of the war, check out:

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Q: Where can you find information on the Blue Devils of World War 2?
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