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First off, I am NOT an electrician, but I have guts. I just hung a European chandelier and hooked it up to 110 voltage. It works, but it doesn't put out as much light as it would with 220. A more elegant solution would be to take the lamp to a shop and get it rewired. If you want to do it yourself, I believe you can buy all the necessary parts at Home Depot.

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Search Google for "light bulb adapters" you will need E-14 to E-12 adapters, one word of caution though, these types of candelabras have very small wiring and using higher wattage bulbs could be a fire hazard so I would recommend using LED or florescent bulbs!

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Q: Where can you find light bulb base adapters to put 120V candelabra lights in a 240V chandelier from Czechoslovakia?
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