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First off, I am NOT an electrician, but I have guts. I just hung a European chandelier and hooked it up to 110 voltage. It works, but it doesn't put out as much light as it would with 220. A more elegant solution would be to take the lamp to a shop and get it rewired. If you want to do it yourself, I believe you can buy all the necessary parts at Home Depot.

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Search Google for "light bulb adapters" you will need E-14 to E-12 adapters, one word of caution though, these types of candelabras have very small wiring and using higher wattage bulbs could be a fire hazard so I would recommend using LED or florescent bulbs!

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Q: Where can you find light bulb base adapters to put 120V candelabra lights in a 240V chandelier from Czechoslovakia?
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In an attempt to safeguard the end user, many ceiling fan manufacturers have made the transition to candelabra type ceiling fan light bulbs.

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A chandelier is a decorative branched lamp hung from the ceiling featuring crystals that are suspended from the lights giving a brilliant display.EtymologyAbout 700 years ago, the 'English' word chandelier was written as chaundeler, and referred to a branched hanging support for several candles or lamps. Chaundeler is from the Old French chandelabre meaning "candlestick." (In English the word candelabra is still used for a large branched candlestick.)The French word chandelabre is from the Latin candelabrum, which is from the Latin candela, which means ... candle!---------------------For more information, see 'Related links' below

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You should use ones with soft lights so that your chandelier doesn't end up feeling like a spotlight. There are really good subtle pink lights that create a romantic ambiance without looking "pink" that would be ideal for this.

Where can one go online to buy chandelier lights in the UK?

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Hmm...I'm not familiar with that combination. Do you mean ceiling lights that are not true chandeliers and pendants that have crystals? Let me know if this clarifies anything. Mini pendant lights by brands such as Corbett come in crystal and can often be mistaken for a chandelier. A chandelier such as one made by Hubbardton Forge has multiple arms that hold the lamps. A pendant light such as one made by Justice Design--you can imagine as a single drop earring--a single piece without arms. There's also a third option, the foyer light. Maybe the fixture is a foyer light. I'm pretty confident that what you are describing is actually a foyer light because it has arms like a chandelier but it is one unit, structured like a pendant. Foyer lights are tall and used for entryways. Compare your "chandelier pendant" to a foyer light by Kalco lighting. I bet that's what you are looking for.

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What is the best type of chandelier to install over a bed?

The best type of chandelier to install over a bed is one where the lights can be adjusted in intensity from the brightness you desire for reading or dressing to the dimness you desire to make a romantic mood. It should also be of a design and color that matches the decor and theme of the room.

Which of these is an eight-branched candlestick used during the festival of lights?

The candelabra used during Hanukkah actually holds 9 candles and is called a Hannukiah (Hanukkah-menorah).

What kind of circuit is most common in your homes?

The most common circuit is the parallel circuit. If you notice, on a chandelier, if one goes out the rest stay on. If you would have a series circuit then your house lights would be very dim because of all the usage of lights.

What phobia is the fear of chandeliers?

Technically there is no exact "phobia of chandeliers" specifically, because there is no Latin word for "chandelier", but since "funale" is the Latin word for "torch", you could probably say that the fear of lights (as in household lights or chandeliers) would be "funalephobia". Hope that helped.

Name 6 different types of candles?

1. Pillar candles 2. votive candles 3. taper candles 4. candelabra candles 5. plumbers candle 6. tea lights

Why is Hanukkah also known as the 'Festival of Lights?

Because Jews light a Hanukkiyah (Hanukkah-menorah; a type of candelabra) during Hanukkah in remembrance of the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days in the Ancient Temple in Jerusalem.

I want to put a nice looking chandelier in my living area. Can you recommend a unique design?

A chandelier adds light and also character to any room. You should get a contemporary pattern. These days you get pendant lamps with single, double or triple lights. Also they are available in many shapes and sizes. You could check out some designs online or visit local home ware and electrical suppliers for some basic ideas

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What are the most cost effective light bulbs for a dining room chandelier?

Compact fluorescent lights use much less power than traditional incandescent lights of the same brightness. However, they are more expensive to purchase, but this is balanced by their exceptionally long operational lifespans. There is a very helpful site where you can find a good one. It's Thank you.

Unique Concept Lighting?

Furniture: unique concept lightingIf you are looking to dramatically change the look and feel of a room without a hefty price tag, consider adding unique concept lighting to the space. A signature light fixture or task light can help add uniqueness and character to a room. It can also help to flood the room with much needed light.ChandeliersChandeliers add elegance and sophistication to a room. Use a rustic-styled chandelier to make the space feel more intimate and traditional. A bright chandelier with multiple lights can add the perfect touch to a dining or living room. Scale is important when selecting the perfect chandelier. Purchase a chandelier that is proportionate to your room and hang it high enough to avoid anyone accidentally bumping into it.Floor LampsAdd a large floor lamp to an area of your room that you want to draw attention to. A themed lamp, such as a Medieval-styled lamp or a lamp that looks like a London street lamp can add a dramatic feature to the room while helping to illuminate the area.Other LightsOther types of lights are available that can add a signature look to your space. Beautiful sconces can help illuminate your wall accessories and artwork. Moroccan styled lanterns can add a foreign flair to the space. Ceiling lights or pocket lights can provide lighting to the space while also adding important elements to the design. Select the size, color, and shape of a light fixture of your preference to add ambiance to your space.

Maxim Lighting Luminous 10-light Chandelier from LunaWarehouse?

The Maxim Lighting Luminous 10-light Chandelier from LunaWarehouse will make a beautiful addition to any home providing light and elegance. The style is minimalist with a frame of clean, simple lines. The finish of the frame is Rustic Ebony and the lights are encased in Stone Candle shades for beauty and warmth. The shades are actually carved out of solid stone, so each one is unique with its own personality.

Can you save money when shutting off the lights?

Yes. Turning off the lights saves money because they will not be using electricity. You may also save money - and not waste electricity - when you will be out of the house/office for some time by: unplugging TV sets, stereo units and those power adapters {used to recharge cell phones, laptop computers, etc.}

What is the history of Christmas tree lights?

History of Christmas Tree LightsLegend has it that the original Christmas tree was a pine tree sitting in the woods with the stars shining through it. To capture that look, the early adapters put candles on the branches, but they were only lit for short periods of time and were very dangerous. Today's lights are intended to capture the magnificence of the real stars indoors. It also represents the light of Jesus Christ under all of us.

What is the symbolism of the candelabra in christian churches?

an offshoot of the menorah during the 1st and 2nd temple period. Romanized Christianity did good job of erradicating the jewishness of Jesus, but copied then retranslated a lot of Jewish sources, including its liturgy Medieval times, as a custom of that time, not during the time of Jesus and the early followers,the jews would light their menorah when shabbat or sabbath was approaching and or during hannukha or the festival of lights or any of the festivals that required it. Since the candelabra was a copy of a process, they too had their man made festivals and would light up this piece of equipment.

How can I make my living room look better?

Add some lights to your room. They make any space look better and prettier. You could have an ornate chandelier in the center of the room and have some standing lamps around the room as well. To add some colour you could have paintings and other decorative items as well.

What are a cars rear lights called in America?

Tail lights. Brake lights. Backup lights. Signal lights. License plate lights.

The edge lights approach lights threshold end lights papi lights the strobes the dtg lights and the taxiway lights are all connected with a circuit?


What is a menorah and how it is used?

See the attached Related Link. The original menorah (candelabra) was in the Holy Temple (Exodus ch.25). It burned olive oil. Our menorahs may burn olive oil or candles; they are lit on Hanukkah. Menorahs are sometimes placed in synagogues year-round (though there's no obligation). These may use candles or electric lights.