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i doubt there is any other then mayor needs ignorant time-taking way of getting all those medals.....

but at balance valley in the future u can by the star leotard...wich i personally think is crap....

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What is the full title of the Mayor of London?

There is no manner of address for the Mayor of London other than "Mayor."

What was the other candidate for Alberta's mayor?

Alberta is not a city, it is a province. Thus, Alberta doesn't have a Mayor; it has a Premier.

What is mayor Beame's other name?

Mayor Beame's full name is Abraham David "Abe" Beame

How do you address a letter to a mayor?

To Mr. , Madame, or Ms. as the case may be. If the Mayor is serving and has other titles, such as Doctor or Professor, you still address him or her as Mayor, unless it is a personal communication, or one only concerned with his or her other professional affiliation .

What is the meaning of the term prison mayor?

The prison mayor is the prisoner who is able to forcefully control a cell block. Many times, other inmates have to pay the prison mayor for protection.

What are some questions involving heat?

Can other liquids be evaporated other than water

What is Mississippi's mayor and the other states mayors?

john clinton,

What does mayor mean in Spanish?

elder, older, greater, larger In case you mean it the other way round, the English word 'mayor' = 'alcalde'

What does mayor mean?

the elected head of a city, town, or other municipality.

Is there any scandal involving Aphrodite?

Affairs with other gods and mortals.

What is engagement theory?

engagement theory means being involve with other people or involving with other activities.

What is dependent valuable?

Do you mean variable? It is a variable which depends on other things such as equations involving other inputs.

What government structure does Los Angeles have?

There is a mayor, a chief of police, and other officials.

What qualifications do you need to be mayor?

There are no special qualifications other than that you need to get elected.

How long does it take to go to college to be a mayor?

A mayor is a municipal executive, and election to the position does not require any specific education. Many mayors, however, are attorneys or other professionals.

How do you address a letter to a current mayor?

If the former Mayor has his own business, is retired or working for another company then you would address the letter to MR. JACK JONES If the former Mayor holds office in other areas then it's usually HONORABLE JACK JONES.

What rhymes with mayor?

Layer, Payer, Say Her, Grayer, Bayer, and any other "yer's".

Who is Atlantic Beach SC Mayor?

As of November 2012, the mayor elect is Jake Evans as he won the most recent election over incumbent mayor Retha Price. However his swearing-in may still be on hold due to legal challenges from Price and or other stakeholders.

What is the name of a mayor of an Austrian town called?

A Burgomaster. Also in some other European countries

What other countries have ruled Vietnam?

China, France, Japan...then the Vietnam War involving the US.

Are there any Court cases involving 18th amendment?

Other than the Hawke V. Smith?

What is medical code 715.98?

osteoarthrosis unspecified, generalized or localized involving other specified sites

Meaning of lodging industry?

The industry involving rooms, motels, hotels and other places of living.

Less than ten years after the War of 1812 the issue involving the independence of other countries in the western hemisphere surfaced.?

true The issue involving the independence of other countries in the region of the western hemisphere surfaced about less than ten years after the War of 1812.

Will liability pay for accidents involving deers?

No. Liability pays for damage to other party's property when you are at fault.