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the eng.size,is there a smog there air con.tell auto parts store this information

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Q: Where can you find out what size your fan belt is on a 90 astro awd with single belt?
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Does a 1995 Chevy Astro have a timing belt or chain?

Generally speaking, if the engine is an inline 4 cylinder then it has a timing belt. V6, V8 and other "V" configuration engines usually have a timing chain. Your Astro with an I4 (inline 4) cylinder engine has a timing belt. Available from most auto parts suppliers - just tell the salesrep the make, model, year, and engine size.

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Take the belt off, take the bolt off of the idler pulley, take the pulley off, put a new one on replace the bolt, and put the belt back on

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For Chevy Astro, the group size is 78. The alternate is group size 75. Examples: Interstate (MT-78) Energizer (78-N) EverStart Maxx (78N)

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There is a table of Astro Tire Sizes at

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